FGO US Tour Coverage!

Hey, it’s Ion (Dimmet on Reddit)!

So there’s this thing we did back in March and never got the opportunity to finish entirely. Work here at GamePress has been super busy, events in FGO keep coming, and uh, stuff happens.

But after all this time, I wanted to make an announcement - our FGO Tour Coverage is now live!

Aniplex of America reached out to GamePress and wanted us to experience the tour, but all of our key staff were already tied up with other things that weekend. So we sat down, looked at what we could do and started by reaching out to someone we’ve had in mind. We weren’t sure since she recently ‘retired’ from the community, but kept our fingers crossed nonetheless.

They were more than happy to help and we’ve been excited about the announcement ever since!

FGO US Tour Kickoff Intro!

In addition, we’ve now added a new Topic to our left-hand column for the FGO sub-site: Press Events!

Over the upcoming weeks, we’ll be archiving all the interviews and events we’ve attended for FGO and including them here in an easy to find fashion. A number of community members have asked if we could include this, as finding their favorite interviews was tough if you didn’t know exactly what to search for - so now we’re on it! If you have any further questions or suggestions about this, please feel free to tell us!

So if or when you have time away from prepping for the CCC event, please check out our coverage! We put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this project!



Thanks for giving me the opportunity to cover the event! It was a great experience and I hope my documenting was almost as good as being there (almost!)

And excited to see the archive of all interviews, that’ll be a nice and easy way to pull up information for citing :) Keep up the hard work guys!