FGO Waifu Wars (POLL) || Round 2: Archers || Status: Closed

Also congrats to Okita for the victory last round! Was surprised to see her win but not unhappy.


The good girl always win :fgo_daishouri:

Now, those who vote Okita better vote Nobu Nobu ! :fgo_insane:

Fujino: yes, yes

Well, I gave the nod to Suzuka because she was a foxgirl- I’m sorry Atalante, but you are a cat girl. Also nice, but not as nice.

I love westerns and western themed ideas, so Calanity Jane could’ve been better. But I find her design stopped far short of what it could have been.

Nobu is fun- and her adult form is fierce- but is she good enough?

Ishtar is Rin. Very compelling (also @Souljia_Boy you say no alts but despite sharing Rin’s body, Eresh is different from Ishtar, so she’ll make it into the Lancer poll right?)

Artemis and Tamoe have never impressed me.

So, I give a slight nod to Ishtar over Oda, but would probably take Fujinon over Ishtar. (Ishtar acting spoiled is probably the deciding factor here.)

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Got to give this to the silver hair red eyed archer of the inferno!

Fujinon gets second place from me for being proto-sakura


Of course

hmmm I went with Tomoe because ponytail. Atalante is more like an elder sister so…

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So we gonna talk about how Orion is the teddy and Artemis isn’t even the servant or don’t think about it

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He has a nice ass, he deserved to be on the husbando poll



You fool

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It’s 2019 and 2020 soon. We’re not judging people based on their preferences

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I’m torn between Nyantalante & lewd Chloe.
Cat ears win.

Well, servant by proxy anyway, given their backstory.

I went with tomoe she’s hit af.

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I just know male buffs are what work and god that there me off the first time cause I wasn’t paying attention

It’d be awkward if a big boobed white haired lady appeared in the male archer section… let’s do it :fgo_bbgrin:


I’d vote for it just for the meme


I still remember when I was a newbie and picked Orion from the support list and first attack animation… male voice… wait what?

Just a little reminder why I think Euryale deserve ALL of your votes.



voted tomoe but asagami is a close second


I actually expected Ishtar to run away with it but Tomoe has actually taken the lead.

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