FGO Whyfoo Wars (POLL) || Round 1: Sabers || Status: CLOSED

Probably till the end of today and then I’ll make the lancer round




OG Saber best Saber.

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Real hard choice here since I like all of them but I’ll go with those that I have so I vote for Okita ! :3 But I do really like Altera too, OG Saber and Mordred

@Grim3xus I appreciate you I hope you know that.


That’s not very Daishouri of you.

Yeah she even got golden fous too

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she’s next on my gold fou list

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I’d honestly probably also put Deon in the husbando poll. Deon is, according to Nasuverse lore, both Male and Female, thus both husbando and waifu.

Around two months ago I would’ve gone the boring route and said I love everyone equally.
But after Shimousa happened, I’m dead set on voting for Musashi!

For the peeps sleeping on Altera :fgo_badciv:


And here’s a special one for ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■




Says altera… title is daishouri :thonk:

i can’t even mention you :fgo_deadinside:

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I would be surprised if, despite this fact, the majority of the characters identified them as a waifu.

my plan was perfect pretty boy


Downloaded all pictures before someone flags it.

Also: What does Shuten have to do with Altera?


I honestly thought Deon was a trap like Astolfo for a long while, so I’d say that Deon could also be counted on the husbando list.

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he just loves her xD

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I think the difference here is that it’s more obvious and self-identified that Astolfo is male. Sure, though, I don’t think it’d hurt either way, since they are technically both. I’d just be curious to see if anyone actually identifies them as a husbando instead.

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Yeah, need to organize my art folder eventually :fgo_dshy: