FGO's Customer Service - update on the topic

Hey guys.

It looks like my NA account went bye bye because my app always had the error of: Failed to Connect to Downloading Server.

So I erased the cache, reset my phone’s wifi and the router itself but still the same error.

I am double sure that I had the correct transfer code since I only have one account before I deleted the app then reinstalled it. When it got to the data transfer part, it stated that it’s incorrect. I contacted CS about this and they asked me questions like when I started playing, the Servants that I have, birthdate, etc. I answered all of the as accurate as possible.

It’s been 16 hours since then but no replies after that. I’m getting nervous. Has anyone been in a similar situation? If so, how long did it take for your issue to be resolved?


It took them two days to even reply to me and they said that they can’t help me.

I guess 1 year of gaming went to waste then.
Press F in chat for my now invalid account that had Cu alter, Sherlock, ProtoArthur, Cleopatra, Nightingale, BB and Gil Archer and CasGil.

Now I’m not sure if I should make another one…

Which time zone are you in? THIS THREAD has the time zone of FGO Support so it may just be that in addition to whatever work they need to put in to check your account details.

Give it a day or two. If no response comes back, try e-mailing again asking for an update.

Edit: Also, with regards to that particular error, in my experience that happens when the server is overloaded, in which case most people are having trouble logging-in. This usually happens when a new event begins or after a new update like the start of the Anniversary Update and everyone was rushing to login for the bonus rewards.

The other times it happens to me, my ISP was having their own problems and bandwidth or connectivity was really poor for one reason or another.

If it isn’t either of that, then I’m not really sure what it could be.


I got a bit antsy because my friend had lost his phone and needed to recover his account and they recovered his for less than a day. I guess I’m a bit too attached to my account

Thank you for the tip

Edit: I got the error in the middle of the Summer event, not really an update time I think. I just went to bed and when I opened the app the next day, the error showed up.

I’ve had this kind of error with WiFi connections at certain places. Using an app to change my DNS server (I used DNSet) fixed it.