Field Research Claim

I’ve completed 6 daily claims of field research and at midnight 12:02 local time (IST), claimed another which should’ve been counted as next day but it didn’t.
Any thoughts about what I did wrong or went wrong?

Did you travel to a different timezone before? India is divided into different timezones out of IST.

Nope, just sitting in me home.

Never mind claimed now. Thanks.

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Was the time on your device set correctly?

Timing can be weird. During the “Looming in the Shadows” quest, the first full rocket one, I was doing a Rocket battle right at 9:00 when the quest released in my area. I got credit for catching the shadow pokemon, but not for defeating the grunt (which presumably happened just before 9:00 AM, while I caught the shadow after 9:00). Not that this was any great hardship, but it was a curious artifact of the timing.

I saw the new Rocket quest, “A Challenging Development” just after Midnight on 12/1, so the timing was different.

Yeah the time was correct in the device. I tried at 12:30 which worked for me.