Final ascension for Hans?



Should I bother going ahead with final ascension right now? He doesn’t seem to need it for interlude, and his stats barely scale up with the extra 10 levels. I’m also not well stocked with many materials so I need to make sure I’m not wasting any.


Considering his growth curve, no, I wouldn’t say the final ascension is that important. His rank-up quest is still over a year away and that’s what needs the final ascension.

I myself kept him at third for several months and, even afterwards, so no real difference. So go ahead and save those mats.


It depends on who you have. Even though I have Waver and Merlin, I still leveled up Hans because he can NP spam (if given the right combi), and if you don’t have the top 2 support casters in the game, all the more Hans should be leveled, because he can provide you with crit stars (the defense down is annoying, yes, but in the future he has a buff that does make him a monster for real), provide crit up damage. His NP gives you atk up, defense up, and so on.

Now, after all that, there’s a reason why people level him to 80, because as you pointed out, he’s really squishy. So it’s up to you really, but I plan to grail him to 90 if possible. He’s already at 80 for me.

Hope this helps!

Edit: If you have Waver or Merlin, there’s no real need.


I don’t have either of the top supports, and my best support caster is Helena. Only got around to him now because of the 1/2 AP campaign + his future upgrade interested me. It also doesn’t help that I get strangely lucky with gacha pulls which distracts me from lower rarity servants.
Not sure about using any grails since it’s a decent investment that I’m not ready for.


Huhuhu I see. This does put you in a little of a pickle. What’s the max you can level your Hans to (levels if you put grails and skills wise) with your current material stocks?

Also just curious, who are you saving the mats for? :P


If I used all of my grails available, I could get him to 90, but I don’t have the QP to spare at the moment.
As for saving materials, I wanted to roll for Tamamo soon, plus I just barely have the horseshoes required to even give ascension to Hans.


In most cases, leveling him up to 70 is usually the most common option.
In your case though, maybe try to roll for Tamamo first. If you get her, use your mats on her. If you don’t, maybe level Hans.