Final Node help (Event farming)

■■■■ this node holy sh85c I can’t get a 5 turn clear even, I’m stuck at 10.

I’ve been using a rash to clear first wave, and trying to clear second with Shakespeare (with K SCOPE) and then facecarding+Bunyan NP with a lot of buffs from my support Merlin. I get a 6-10 turn clear like this.

How do i somehow miraculously get consistent 4 turn clear atleast. I don’t have enough K scopes, nor have I played love enough to have 5 MLB copy’s of the CE, so I can’t get a lot of the currency drop quick enough anyways, but I still want to clear a few boxes within today and tommorow.

I can’t for some reason post a image of my roster

Roster (ones who would matter)
Drake, Astolfo, Bunyan, Arash, Hokusai, Passionlip, Eresh (Np battery not maxed) Gilgamesh Gilgamesh (non of his skills are leveled yet) and that’s about it, my roster is super small atm, and I need to start going for units I need instead of want


Do you have Spartacus?:thinking: At NP5, with his Mana Burst maxed and with Memerlin Mana Burst or with Waver buffs he should be able to one shot W1 & W2. His guts skill gives 50% NP Gauge, so you can give him HNS or Aerial Drive as well and any starting NP Gauge CE with 50%+ starting NP Gauge and/or with a g boost such as NP UP or Card Type Up.

Do I don’t, I will see if I can level
His skills I guess

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You only really need his guts skill maxed for the 50% NP Gauge. This frees you up from having to rely on k-scope and IE. Even the 3 :star2: 50% up CE can allow him to NP without outside help. But this means you need a supp waver. With K-scope on him then you can get away with Memerlin and you have the added benefit of his 3rd skill.

Spartacus has 30%.


Tbh. Even I am still experimenting. I might even try Zekerlot here.

But since you’re using Arash to clear W1 then perhaps you can use Spartacus to clear W2. Ideally, you want a servant with effective dmg for W3 against Jalter/Jeannu like a Berserker, Preferably an AOE to also deal with Archer in W3.

If were stuck with.your Roster I would also consider deploying Hokusai since it’s a mixed node and she won’t deal Resist dmg to both Jeannu and won’t take Effective dmg either. She is also.anti humanoid and has NO spam potential.

No 50 IIRC. But either way it’s nothing a good CE and Waver can’t fix.

Lemme verify this though aha :sweat_smile:

If time is of the essence you might be better off farming the Rider node instead. Do you have servants that can 3-5 turn that node? If yes, then that would be your better bet for time-efficiency (at the cost AP efficiency).

I hope you can comeback with vengeance on the next lottery event once your roster grows.


My team for that node is ABI.and Gorgon with Waver support. Gorgon deletes W1 and Abby nukes Assassin or Lancer. The survivor is faced carded and I use that opportunity to recharge Gorgon NP.

In W3, I wait for Waver NP for the Def down, since Def down is basically “REVERSE CHARISMA” WYTAI. Then I fire all 3 NPs in the order of Waver + Abby + Gorgon.

Unfortunately, since I am not using AOE Zerkers, it takes me from 4 turns (if RNG blesses me) to 7-8 turns max (if RNG curses me.)

There are several spreadsheets for 3-turn farming setups around the other threads, but generally this node isn’t very easy to farm unless you have Waver/Merlin (or better yet, both of them) and some of the suitable units leveled up.

I’m using Arash/Spartacus/Zerklot/Waver/Merlin but it doesn’t seem possible for OP to replicate.

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How would you use @ElSabre’s roster to win with less turns on that node?:thinking:

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OP has Arash and Spartacus. They should be able to exploit a borrowed Waver and Atlas Institute Mystic Code to lower Wavers skill cooldowns so that his skills come back by turn 4 & 5 for to recharge their DPS.

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Sorry if I wasn’t clear, I meant without both Waver and Merlin OP won’t be able to replicate my “3-turn” setup. But of course that shouldn’t stop them to compromise/compensate and find the next best thing that they can achieve. Planning for a turn 5 Waver rebuff does sound reasonable if OP aims for that number of turns.


Sorry if I offended somehow too.

I feel like that’s a hard one without some servants with battery (or more K-scopes) and class advantage for at least one enemy in W2. For W3 a strong Berserker is definitely needed.

Arash could clear Wave 1, Wave 2 seems to be best done by an AoE NP with class advantage against one of the enemies and strong damage buff to finish of the remaining enemy that took neutral damage. For Wave 3 a strong barker I’m pretty sure is the way to go. They have to be very buffed and strong it seems though.

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@ElSabre, do you have Atlas Institute Mystic Code?:thinking::face_with_monocle:

Just which Gil exactly do you have? Only 2 or just one of the 3?:thinking::face_with_monocle:

I keep forgetting that there’s three. I need to watch some Kid Gil video content. I don’t know much about his play style.

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His NP is basically his main support tool. Also, he likes being lewd with Illya lol :rofl: Ara Ara Ara ! :fgo_kiarasmile:


This is team is good for 4 - 5 turn clear assuming you have ridertoki
but it is heavily-reliant on np charge skill levels and face cards