Final results of Ogma pulls

Well, I’ve hit the end of my monthly alloted amount to spend on FEH, and I think I hit a comfortable stopping point with it.

I managed to get my Ogma up to +5, and I’m pretty goddamn sure he wasn’t the demote, given that all but one of those that I pulled was a 5* unit. I literally only saw him at 4* once.

That said, I put that 4* to good use alongside the S!Freyja I got.

Still need some SP, my +DEF roll, and a better B-Skill, but I’ve got the bulk if my F!Edel-buster’s build completed. Not sure if I want to give her Null-F, Lull S/R, or Windsweep, though.

And those are my final results for the Summer banners, any orbs I have left and earn in tge upcoming weeks is going towarda getting Ogma a Flowing Lance when the Pirate banner returns (I hear early August).


Congrats on the Ogma! I pulled for him too but idk how I want to build him just use.


Imo keep +Spd and go Windsweep. Her big value is the Flash effect and the chip damage—let her function like Kempf.


He’s a really fun bruiser-type unit. With Spurn and Noontime, he can take quite a beating and come back for more.


That’s why I gave her Fatal Smoke from Summer!Freyja and sacrificed another Ogma merge so she could get A/S Solo 4 as well. That said, all her effects are AoE, so she really only needs to engage an eneny that can’t counter. Her big worry for needing Windsweep would be F!Edelgard herself, but that’s a pretty universal problem.


Congrats, I also summoned for Ogma and got two 4 star copies both +res, I havent decided how to build him, I like his weapon Trident+ gives bonuses at long ranges and visible buff in atk is always welcome, you can never have enough atk.

I also have Rhajat +spd and gave her fury and vantage she was key at defeating Nilf on TT, I havent decided what build I will give her, also I will refine her weapon if I get another copy to make her +1.


His Trident giving him an ATK buff is nice, but there are other ways to go about getting that. As you can see, I ended up giving mine Rouse A/S from one of the two Ingrids that pitybroke me in the same circle, so I don’t really need his Trident. Hence, his need for a Flowing Lance that I don’t have. T_T

Given her double-Savage Blow, potentially triple, I considered giving her a CC/Vantage build; but I think the Fatal Smoke combos incredibly well with her Obsessive Curse, giving her Savage Blow, Poison Blow, AoE heal blocking, and AoE followup denial. If I give her Windsweep, she’d be the perfect anti-F!Edelgard unit; but I think she may want either Null-F or Lull S/R for better doubles, but then her means of fighting F!El go down a little bit by not being able to directly engage her.

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