Final results

Never got joint drive spd,but this is definitely a success.

How’s your final results ?


Yet another HoF without seeing Spurn not a single time


I’m happy with how it turned out


Spurn is like the single thing I did see. No DC, no joint drives, and so on.

Fortunately not planning on formaing so that’s fine.


I’ve seen Feints/Ruses like a million times, Link’s just as many times… Close Call quite a lot of times, Special Spiral 1 times, which was today. I’ve seen all the Joint Drives Well besides Def of course many times but kept Tempest since its more rare and would be more useful when building her Galeforce build.


rip my free forma soul.

Would’ve liked if i could’ve gotten NFU and maybe Fatal Smoke, but this is still really good.


Using a soul here for sure


So very little Saias love here smh

Not sure if it was worth it to focus on his speed but assuming he’s not in front of a speed demon I think I’ll be grateful I chose this over the atk nuke route


I really like Mareeta so I am going to get her anyway.

But I was I had gotten spurn or lull spd/def instead but most of the b slots I saw sucked. I will just give her what she needs later.


I see not many people went for Saias, but he gave me the most value out of this HoF.

I’m still not sure if Fatal Smoke 3 is the best for him or if I should try to find JDA for Arena support/one-shot potential or Pulse/Panic Smoke 3 for AD. Ideally I plan to use him on both modes and I still have 6 spare torches.
Any and all advices are welcomed.


I had the same though process, and ultimately went for the (mixed) nuke route/vantage focus not by choice but because of the skills I got. Honestly I’m not complaining, but the fact that I didn’t get optimal spd stacking skills made my choice easier.

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I was hoping for Close Ward and/or Null-C, neither of whoch appear. This, however, will work.

No complaints, she came out good.


No joint drive, no spurn. Got atk/res unity.
But that doesn’t matter at all because I won’t use my soul either way so…

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Still have 2 more runs today (had to get pictures of the builds) and 11 refills, but since I’m not souling any of them they can sit (reserving my souls for seasonals or a Grail I have interest in - sorry Saias).

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If you still have torches left I think I’d try to go for Joint drive atk since that skill is useful both in AR and arena

The build looks pretty cool for the rest :catdance:

I actually really like Saias and have thought of building him for a while, so I’ll definitely be pulling him.

Debated between Spd/Def Ruse and NCD, but seeing as I never got the latter I kept the Ruse. I’ll probably give him NCD and DD4 for options, but I feel like these skills make him pretty versatile as an Arena/AR support.


I’m not Forma Souling any of these so it don’t matter
Didn’t get a single DR skill in my run


Got the Unity on literally the last torch heck yeah

I don’t know if I see myself using JDA much over Attack Smoke, since Plegian Bow, so I might prefer Pulse/Fatal smoke but otherwise I can’t complain.


Gonna pick up both of these. I’ll fodder M!Kris for Spurn and JDA on Mareeta. Saias might be a fun unit to use someday.


Built too many EP units from HoF in the past so thought I would go for something different this time. Would love to get Ninja sword and a better PP b skills but no dice.