Finally a +10 Veronica

Too bad it’s not the OG one.

She is finally complete. Now to see if Sonia is worth…




I’d give a like, but I literally can’t.


Unfortunately Sonia is most likely not worth… No prf.

and her best inheritable weapon is probably Veronica’s lol


I to finally have a +10 Veronica


I dont have the feathers for +10 veronica.

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Damn… her art is really good too… guess I’ll put her on the to do list for 2024 :pensive:

@gVader Nice. Wanted to @ you too, but didn’t know if you’d have the feathers ready to +10

@t3rraS RIP :pensive: I ended up having to send so many manuals home when they first announced Veronica last month (?) . How many feathers do you have now?

Wanted to @ you too, but didn’t know if you’d have the feathers ready to +10

After all the summoning I did on Dagr’s banner, I sent home a bunch of units who had no fodder that I need or units I don’t plan on building do I had well over 400k feathers ready, and even before that I only needed around 35k feathers for the +10

Damn… her art is really good too…

At least if you need a good Blue mage mix tank she is a good option

Yup. Will eventually get to her but without the prf she’s kinda low on my priority list since I just finished Veronica.

Also since you didn’t @ them I might as well since I know @Orilla is going to +10 her

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For sure @Orilla is gonna +10

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I only got +9 (and now only 300 feathers)

If the trend continues I’ll wait for her August limited manual, gives me something to actually look forward to that month, since CYL isn’t it.


100k so technically i could be at +5

but i like having enough wiggle room that i can do a couple of skill fodders whenever so i try to no do +10s till i hit 200k.

Yeah, I feel you. I usually wait until 200k before fully committing too, especially since I hate having units between +1 and +10. Good luck saving feathers :ok_hand:

@Tandor Yeah, I was contemplating on keeping her at +9 since I feel she’s a likely ephemera candidate and I could’ve saved some grails but I just wanted her +10 asap lol. Good luck merging her tho


I simply just went straight to +10 since I also plan on +10’ing Sonia and V.eronica’s weapon is one of her best options atm, so either way if I just went +10 now or waited for the Ephemera I’d still be using 500 grails, and I can wait until she is in the Ephemera to give her weapon to Sonia


Honestly this. I wouldn’t mind having a spare copy of her tome for another blue tome project at some point (maybe Sonia, once I recover feathers and finish my other projects)


Normally, or should I say for all of my Grail units so far (FE, Kronya, Patrine, V.eronica) I just went and straight up +10’d them (the first 3 without even waiting for rerun’s) but I think for Sonia I’m going to make her +8, then wait for rerun then hope she comes in as a HoF unit (because I would really like to get Blue Stars on her)


Yeah same. I’ve only made Gangrel +10 so far (and immediately when he came, so I have an extra copy thanks to a rerun) but now I think I’m gonna slow down on grail spending. Still wanna finish Ena (and now Sonia as well).


Gonna do something similar. Will throw all copies I get at her, and wait for her rerun. Probably won’t use grails until after that. Might build Brunnya in the meanwhile, since I haven’t yet.

How long does it take for a GHB to be rerun anyway?