Finally finished by 5th +10 (w/ max DF). Don't sleep on him

He runs different C/S skills depending on team comp, but I find this one to be reliably fun. Wyvern Flight procs often on PvE content. I’m thinking of giving him his superboon in speed to better proc wyvern flight, but afraid to lose his natural bulk and wasting a trait fruit.

Can’t wait to see what his Prf will be. Huge Fan is pretty slick on its own, but I’d like to see what IS can come up with for him.

He joins the rest of my +10 + max DF crew.


Sleepy mailman looks great! :feh_flaynfish:
Wyvern Flight is a great skill for him with his great base Def & decent Spd. Maybe try to get him a Rein skill to further improve his strength? You could also use a seal like Atk/Def Solo or Bond for even more damage & tankiness :feh_birbpeek:

Thanks! I do use atk def solo 3 (s-slot) when I know he won’t have nearby support (wishing I had been able to get him atk/def solo 4 on top of wyvern flight but didn’t have other good fodder). I’d love to give some some reins but I do pair him with B!Claude and ashnard a lot so he sometimes gets those benefits. Was also considering threaten atk/def 3, which synergizes with huge fan and wyvern flight. But threatens are so inconsistent… we’ll see.

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What good boys you have :catlove: grats on finishing him! Nice to see someone using him.