Finally, GaLaxi's home!

Used 7 tenfolds worth of summons (singles first), but thankfully she came home. I was going to stop when either she or Mercury arrived.

The singles also got me a twofer in one round, both new! :catclap:

Yep, as a bonus, Smol Ranzal’s home.

Well, back to saving up. :catdance:


Congrats! Ranzal made me dip below 30k so I’m saving up now. Mercury isn’t as appealing to me, and I can use Ranzal alongside Halloween Mym real easily for the upcoming Zephyr Trial.

I think Crit Damage is his best friend, seeing as he can guarantee crits with S2 -> S1. Possibly wants:
Cutie Competition (Scorchrend Punisher 25%)
Summer Paladyns (SD 40%)
Felyne Hospitality (Crit Damage Doublebuff)
Chariot Drift (Crit Damage 15%)
Flex (Doublebuff or Broken Punisher)

Could probably run Moonlight Party instead of FH + Beautiful Nothingness instead of CD if he’s dealing with Nihility for more Crit Damage + Strength. Of course when he gets the new Agito slots he can instead remove the SD Wyrmprint for some added flexibility.


And time to flex again.

Dragalia Luck struck again and got me Alex when I decided to dip into the current Gala showcase just for kicks.

Edit: Another round later, and got Mars for the first time!

Edit two: Two rounds later: Hello, New Agni!

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