Finally got a top operator tag, who should I pull?

Finally got my first top op tag after a month. Who should I pull? I am thinking I should compliment my caster or vanguard. So Siege or Ifrit? Already have SAsh and hoshi for guard and defender respectively.

These are my full roster if anyone need it.

You’re gonna need to re-upload the images.

I think you might have clicked/tapped the Create Topic button before the images were fully uploaded.

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Hello thank you, dint realized that. Just reuploaded

Uploading your full roster would help more since some operators are able to function well outside their actual class.

Take Siege for example. Her first skill is the standard Vanguard skill, get DP whenever the SP gauge fails up.

Her second let’s her heavy deal AoE damage, making her a pseudo AoE Guard, better even since it hits all enemies in range regardless of her Block count. This only gives a few DP in exchange, unlike other Vanguard S2.

Her S3 turns her into a straight up Guard, dealing high single-target damage with a chance to stun on each attack.

Most Vanguards are retreated once they help generate enough DP for you to deploy your full team and a Guard or Defender in their place, but Siege is strong and tanky enough to remain on the field the entire fight.

Ifrit has a unique range, if you’ve seen it, as she fires in a straight line, hitting all enemies in her range unlike the usual AoE Caster. This makes it hard to deploy her in some stages, but devastating when she has the right firing lane.

As a bonus, her Talent reduces the RES for enemies in her range, helping out her fellow Casters and Arts damage dealers, plus she reduces the DEF of enemies temporarily when they are hit with her S2.

For the Medics, both Shining and Nightingale are pretty good too. Nightingale is an AoE Medic who provides a RES buff to her allies, and she has a unique ability where you can deploy phantoms to draw fire from ranged enemy units, useful for those maps where you dont want your operators being hit by hard hitting enemy Snipers or Casters.

Shining, opposed to Nightingale, is an ST Medic who l provides a DEF buff instead.

Both will provide some added flexibility and utility to your team.

So the choice, in terms of function, depends on who else you have on hand but all four will open up new options for you. If you can’t decide, just do what a lot of us do. Pick your waifu. :fgo_gudako:


Hello thank you. I just uploaded my entire roster. I wanted to pick whatever I want but due to my work constraint, picking up what to complement my roster will be better since i cant spend a lot of hours trying to replay stages haha. Maybe when I have all the cores, then I can start picking who I want. But thank you for your advice. I was really thinking on ifrit or siege

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Looking at your full roster, I’d say you’d be better off going with Ifrit. You have Myrtle and Texas (though looks like you haven’t leveled her yet–I’d highly recommend you do when you can), and the two of them can handle a good 98% of your DP-skill Vanguard needs. So while Siege would be useful, she wouldn’t be a huge upgrade for you.
On the other hand, looks like your Caster roster is a little underwhelming. You might not always be able to get full use out of Ifrit on every map, but she’s powerful enough that she’ll be a significant improvement in a lot of situations.


The best choices here are between siege and ifrit, since both supplements your roster in terms of early gameplay and sheer dps respectively - which are basic foundations for every doctor to build before branching out. I have both at E2, and both does help me even in very hard content later on. I guarantee they are very good investments.

Both are feasible, since both can help cover the weaknesses of your current roster.
Siege has the perfect offense and defense to help deal with early waves of hard-hitting enemies, something that texas cannot do due to her fragility and limited dps. Furthermore, siege can remain on the field, so there is no need to replace her with a guard/defender in most scenarios - and that’s an extra slot on your team saved. Although, siege’s niche can be somewhat compensated by using myrtle to quickly print dp to deploy your whole roster faster. Alternatively, vigna can be used to handle the massive early waves. But siege does make your life so much easier when dealing with massive early pressure.

Ifrit is a very powerful operator with a special atk range. She can solve your glaring weakness of lackluster caster operators (honestly, even as a whole, casters that are 5* and below are not that good). Although, early game arts dps can be solved with amiya, lava/gitano easily - so there is no immediate need for ifrit. At middle to late game however, arts dps can be provided by other non-caster operators like dur-nar, lappland, shirayuki, arts guards or supporters. This is why most casters are not that good at late game, since other operators can do their job of dealing arts dps yet providing other forms of utility as well. The only exception to this rule are the 6* casters. Ifrit can do so much damage even if she’s burning only one tile but finding spots for ifrit to burn two of more tiles is always better (but this is not available for every map), which is why some people classify ifrit as niche or situational. Ifrit’s best highlight is that she’s among the few with ‘true aoe dmg’ - as she burns ALL enemies in her range, which other aoe casters cannot replicate. Although, ifrit cannot replace generalist casters with a more universal range like eyja or amiya, since her range makes her slightly clunky to use.

All in all, it depends on what your preferences are. Do you want to build for a universal early game use that still pays off in the end, or do you prefer building in the long run for a late game aoe demolisher? I am more biased to ifrit since DPS is more important in arknights than anything else. DPS operators are the first to be prioritized, whether in terms of headhunting/recruitment, promoting or skill masteries.

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@Dchy @Dazz_Antoni

I brought home my angelllll


More of a devil, but a lovable devil. Hope you enjoy burning everything to the ground!

Cant say that, dont wanna risk getting burnt haha

Eyja probably wins the game, but Ifrit wins everything else <3
Hope you enjoy using her


Ok I dint regret using her. The new event map is basically where can I put ifrit map. Big Ben just dies so easily even at e1. Luckily I dint get siege even though she more like my kind of waifu haha.