Finally got Ditto Nut (Meltan)!

Couldn’t get it, because I sold my copy of Let’s Go Eevee, but now I was able to get it :3
Is Melmetal any good, and what’s a good moveset for it? (I can open the mysterious box in 4 days)

In PvP, Melmetal is very very good and typically runs Thunder Shock, Rock Slide, and Super Power. It sees use in both Master League and Great League, but not much in Ultra League.

It can also put in work against Rocket grunts due to how quickly it churns out charge moves. Just be wary of the self-debuff it gets from using Super Power. Those Shadow Mons already hit hard enough, so against admins/Giovanni you’ll want to use Rock Slide to burn their shields, and save Super Power for the killing blows.

As a raid/gym attacker, it’s not so hot since it’s a Steel-type that doesn’t have a Steel quick move and only learns Flash Cannon. Yuck.

As a gym defender, it’s also pretty mediocre, as it’s just another Mon weak to Machamp and company.

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Mostly Melmetal is Master League( and very good one) mon, but in Great, i barely seen him. more in Ultra, but still not that much. in Gl, is fairly squishy

Yeah, when PvP wasn’t a thing yet I literally just saw Melmetal as a garbagemon and nothing else. It doesn’t even have a valid moveset for any competent raiding. I used it in some raids for a while with Thunderbolt still, until I found out I need Superpower in Masters.

Congrats on getting it.
I am somewhat stuck having to catch a Cubone. Not seen one for many, many months

If you can go out you can search for:" Catch 3 Grass-, Fire-, or Ground-type Pokémon" it rewards a Cubone.

Over the last two seasons, I saw Melmetal quite frequently in GL. It’s a bit squish there, but still performs quite well. It was one of my top GL Mons for awhile. That said, it is considerably better in ML where its full potential is realized.

Melmetal is so good it literally destroyed Go Battle League


I disagree. With the buff to moonblast in UL Mel got a lot better as a soft Cress counter. Rock slide charges so fast it can beat Charizard in Typhlosion despite the type disadvantage too. Maybe it’s just me always running teams that are soft to it, but I think it’s really good in UL.

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Totally agree.
I hate Ultra league, so I’m quite partial here but I feel registeel is a sitting duck in many matches in ultra league. I’m still looking for a team comp that can work in a disadvantageous lead scenario, it’s so rock paper scizors meta it’s not even funny.
Melmetal is so much faster than registeel that it can work against swampert, and fire types are checked by rocks. I have regi, but never tried melmetal in ultra. It can be a more soft check, glue pokemon that can partner a lot of things. Melmetal and swampert in my opinion are mons that can work in all 3 leagues

If you can get help with it A-Marowak from a T4 raid counts as catching cubone.

Rock-Paper-Scissor issue have smallest impact in UL imho. Master is totally this, and in lesser way, Great. Tbh, thats why UL is my favourite league.

It’s hard for me to find a relationship like Dialga beat Gira, Gira beat Melmetal, Melmetal beat dialga in UL. Just Charmers shred Giratina, but other that, really hard to remind.

And Melmetal is annoying in all leagues, dont gonna lie…

I’m hoping that mega evolutions help to spice up Master League a bit. Because, yeah, right now the league is basically Rock-Paper-Dialga.


Honestly, Megas is the only way we are going to get some types represented in ML. Just look at poison, grass, bug, even fighting doesn’t really have anything competitive in ML. Megas will at least put some of those in as spice picks to shake things up (looking at Mega-Heracross, Venusaur, Mewtwo X, etc.).