Finally got Lute

So I was on my way to look at the new tempest banner art when I noticed I still had my free summon for the new power banner. Now I like to save my free summon for the last day of the banner cause I think it makes them luckier but my week has been pretty dull so I thought it maybe could cheer me up. So I went in hoping for a Peri clicked on the only blue closed my and when I opened them there she was with perfect Iv’s. I’m really happy right now been wanting her for a while now that I have her I just need Maribelle for my wishlist to be completed atleast non seasonal. I went with a simple build but if you got anything more interesting I would love to see it. Also thanks for listening.


It’s a good build. If you want to make her slightly more offensive, you can easily run Brazen Atk/Res in seal since Fury and her HP bane will immediately bring her down to 80% after 1 Fury recoil.


Thanks that sounds really good.

Cool. If you had some fodder, you could go for an expensive set up which is aimed to kill foes in desperation range rather than being a support unit. She can do both at the same time, but she need as much Atk as possible. All she needs is Spd buffs. Brazen Atk/Res (S skill) could even be usable here.

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