Finally got Spring Idunn

Banner was absolutely horrendous holy.

I hit 5% then got pity broken by Narcian and never been so frustrated, that I just sent him home. Then I hit 5.5% and finally she appeared. +Def -Spd. Not summoning for a while now, saving for CYL4.


Time to fodder her for that A skill


Sending him home seems rather wasteful cause someone probably would’ve been able to use his Lance… What’s done is done I suppose. Congratulations on getting her. :feh_excidunn:


Maybe they got Idunn with decent IVs because Narcian was sent home. :thinking: some demonic ritual going on here.




Nice IVs :3 but…

God, this banner has been VERY unfair, for whatever reason.

I knew I wanted spring Idunn the moment I saw her. I even knew I wanted OG Idunn before the spring banner. Pulled a +Atk Idunn and a +Def S!Idunn. Easy to say, had to jump back in for another S!Idunn and she showed up shortly, twice. Had to deck her out in a nasty Mixed Phase Build.

Im in love with that DEF/RES stat line. I was building Zelgius up but I benched him once best dragon showed up


Wise choice

I still have mine unmerged because I’m waiting to roll in a later date to record a longer summon video.
The build is great, a classic dual phase set

Sturdy Stance 3 :feh_arvisboneappetite:

I don’t know, it was extremely fair to me. I didn’t get what I wanted until around 200 orbs, but the units I got along the way were pretty good.

Did I just siphon everyone’s luck?

I didn’t even get a Spring Narcian!

@Orilla got 8 copies of S!Idunn in 740 orbs iirc, which is like 6th percentile lol. I’d blame them for siphoning luck more than you xD

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Yeah, my luck was amazing with S!Idunn :smiley:
And she is a amazing unit :D I love her so much :D

Normal Idunn cost me over 700 orbs for 1x copy (on her first banner)…. xD