Finally got the final merge 👍

After months of trying, he is finally done:

He reaches around 50+ speed :muscle:t2:


51 speed without Sabertooth Fang’s debuffs
What a madcat


Ah yes another fellow building a slow unit to be fast


Nice build!
Maybe I should give Mordecai the solo Seal :thinking:

Thank you! :tiger:


Mine is also a Spd beast. Gets “Hone Beasts support on his team” and hes not maxed yet bc im still waiting for a bunch of copies, but when he is done he will look like this. Hits easy 40 spd and with hone buffs easy 46 on beast team.


The poor squirrel will fall of with this speed :catroll:


Looks Nice!
But his Res is a bit lacking :confused:

we’ve been waiting for you ALL summer and we’re so glad you’re finally here

Congrats tho! He looks great!

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Yea ik, just gotta keep him away from mages and he should be good. Esp with that HP he can still tank one if needed ofc. I love building all my units with +Spd IV if possible since the meta for survival nowadays is try to avoid doubles the best you can.

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Wouldn’t she want spd/res solo in her a slot as well? :thinking::thinking: I feel like 44/37 is a better spread than 50/31

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Also wait wait wait travant is as good or better than her now suck on that “muh silver lance” crowd :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I mean… yah if you have it but

Also when it comes to Spd no Altena is still better than him since with a Spdd boon she goes from 26 to 30 Spd while Travant stays at his 27 Spd, while yes he has more Def that gets boosted by 2 (I believe) from his +1 merge

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Only if you drop that prf of hers though

Nice, I currently have like 8 of him but no build in mind yet. Though I have an idea like this for Forrest, now I just need to get a +spd one but he’s evading me with Brady and Mercie, though Mercie’s fine as well.

The only thing Travant would have over her is 7 extra Hp

So the only advantage he has is the higher Hp and being more f2p friendly but would cost a lot of grails

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And a better weapon tbh. But I was just saying everyone told me Altena was so much better because of her prf but her prf just got powercrept by an inheritable lance so there goes that idea

Eh… both her prf and the new Lance both have their up and down’s… some people don’t like solo’s skill so the new Lance is a turn off despite being Lull Atk/Def 5, while her Prf only downside is not taking effect against Flier’s but has more might… and tbf just give her like 2 years… she’ll get a refine to make it so much better

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