Finally got this *****!

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemens.
First of all, I’m sorry about creating another “salty topic” but I need to vent…
It’ll be very likely to be a long post

Let’s start from the beginning (I love putting the context)

I thinks somes of you already know : I want(ed) S!Helbinbro, there isn’t much chara I want for just playing the chara(so not for foddering) but Helbinbro is one of them, I like his design, background (which have a nice deepness) and his tsundere side!
So when his alt was announced, It was oblivious I’ll pull for him.
I was at 200orbs, Thinking “I’ll use like 150orbs for him, and then be done and I would start hoarding orbs for L!Hector rerun”. WHAT A MISTAKE!

I also think some of you know how lucky I am with my summons, and my ratio of orbs per 5*… For reminder : In average peoples are around 50-75orbs per 5* (on the long run), I’m around 134 orbs per 5* since january 2019 and roughly the same before.

SO, now, let’s get into the main topic!

I have used atm 512 orbs during 33days on this banner, sniping red and doing “optimal” summoning sessions (not less than 17 orbs). Was it worth it? NOT AT ALL
With a rough calculation with an average 4.5 orbs per summons (probably less but I didn’t count every unit I’ve got and already made a lot of combat manual) That’s 113,78 summons.

With 512orbs/114 summons, What did I get?
Leif pity breaker +res -spd around 180orbs => Instant trash bin
Swordardt pity breaker +hp -spd around 280 orbs => Instant trash bin too
Keaton +def -hp around 380 orbs => THE ONLY good one, merged into my already +atk keaton.

So, in 512 orbs, ONLY 3 5*, that’s a 170.66 orbs per 5 * ratio, so 2-3x the “normal” rate

Yeah but I must have got some good 3-4* fodder right?
In 512orbs, the “notable” fodder where :
3 Hinata
1 Selena
3 Silvia
No ares, No cain, only 1 repo fodder, even when they didn’t have red orbs I pulled blue> green I still didn’t get anything notable. I’ve got a SHITLOAD of Sophia/Raigh/Hana/Fir/Seliph/Eliwood/Laslow

I knew I didn’t have luck in summons. This is the 2nd banner when I launch as much orbs as this (the first being the CYL 2) but the only worst banner I’ve got than this is the YT banner when I tried to sommon Olivia for chill spd fodder, and got her after ~330 orbs and 13.5% pityrate (so 6.75%).

I’m just disgusted… Disgusted by having wasted 1 month and 2/3 of another worth of orbs for nothing, disgusted by others users who get a shitload of things with very few orbs… I don’t even know If I’ll continue pulling for him or not…

So that’s all, again sorry to post this but I needed to vent, (to show my absolute hell tier luck).
So good day to you, and I hope you won’t be as unlucky as me ever.


Your anger is understandable, I’d say. Can’t say I’ve seen such bad luck before. Don’t worry, I don’t think it’s too much of a bother. People express their anger all the time. If you keep trying, good luck! If not, at least you tried, and the chance will return in the future.

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Well I have has similar experiences as well, Summer banners are absolute trash for me, I wanted Swift sparrow 3 but instead got a 5 star Mordecai. I had always wanted a S!Linde but Takumi broke me 3 times before I had to give up. So don’t worry we all have those rough banners, maybe you will get real lucky with a different one. But you may get lucky when he returns on a legendary banner.


Kroeger: “Oh frick damn it.”
Son: “What’s wrong dad?”
Kroeger: “Let me tell you about a game that is the worst thing in existence.”


I want to say something good about Rein or Leif but…

There’s no good way of saying this:
It just really sucks. A lot.


@GamingBro1 Thanks, I thinks i’ll continue to try untill I’ll got him… I hope goods IV…

@PokehunterX I always been unlucky, but here there is no color sharing of the focus I want… And I still did get nothing (outside of keaton), not even a good amount of 3-4* nices fodders…

@Lain Did you remember when you told me you watched a person telling she only got 2 Noire with 500 orbs and I answered you I’ll be like him but without the 2 Helbinbro? …

@Sir_of_Coffee Thanks


I- I really want to say that you should continue pulling, cuz using units you like is the best thing about this game. And it’s even more important as Helbindi is only available in FEH, unlike all the other characters…
But I don’t know if that’s a good idea or not considering the luck. It’s certainly worth it as there’s no reason you would have more luck on another banner, but I don’t want you to not get him in the end…

Do you at least have OG Helbindi ?

Anyway, I’m really wishing the best. I know it won’t do anything but it saddens me to see that so hey, have a NagiPray :


Thanks, I’ll try to pull him because I’m not fan of b8 banner (and I almost never got the unit I want when I’m sniping in B8 banner)

Yeah I have him with one of his best IV at +1, but he also came home after a lot of pain (but a lot less than this one)

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Well it’s at least something then^^’’
It could be worse if you didn’t have any of him…

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Yeah… Could be worse and could be better…

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Ah, in which case, good luck! My prayers are with you.

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Wew… Rng is bitching with you rn, sorry to hear it. I hope your next summons will be the ones where you get him. Hopefully with great ivs :muscle:t2::sparkles:

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Man, I totally feel you on this one. I had something similar happen to me on the recent Legendary Eliwood banner. 240 orbs and only two 5*, and I wasn’t even color sniping.

Based on the stated 8% rate (which went up to 12% in my case), one should expect a 5* every 9-12 pulls. I did close to 60 pulls on this banner and could have reasonably expected at least five 5*. Instead I got a Selkie and a Yune.

Since I’m not a huge metagame player and derive the most fun just from pulling new units and messing around with them, summoning results like this really kill my enthusiasm for the game.


Wow. That is some of the worst luck I’ve ever seen.

The worst is probably the people who spent thousands of dollars trying to get a focus unit in Granblue Fantasy but couldn’t get their desired pull. These people actually lead to the development of the Spark system where people get a guaranteed pick from the banner if they pull 300 times on it.

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Wow,that’s just garbage on the game’s part,seriously.

Game,give this man his Helbindi!

I guess it’s a good thing the banner is lasting this long. Even though,it sounds awful said that way.

I really do hope you get him,'cause this actually makes me sad for you.

Hang in there,dude!




The salt is understandable. I’ve been there.

Five pitybreakers when going for Mia the first time, and the cats of Gallia avoiding me by throwing pitybreakers my way…

Oh, and it took me one year to finally get swimsuit Innes.


@Kroeger Unfortunately, it do be like that sometimes. This game as of late has been very (and I mean VERY) hard to pull for the units you want. I started to notice this around this year’s Spring Banner. Spent about 400 orbs (and I’ve NEVER had to spend that many orbs on a seasonal banner to get either all of the focus units or just the one or ones I want.) never got Spring Palla. That was also the first seasonal banner I never got lucky enough to get all the units I wanted to try and go for. I got all 3 of the other focus units on that banner, but they were kind of by accident due to the lack of reds. I did want Spring Veronica, so a few of my orbs went into trying to go for her, but I never missed a red while trying to go for Spring Veronica too. I think I only got 1 red 5 star off that banner of the roughly 400ish orbs being an Eldigan. Ever since then, my luck’s been extremely hit or miss on seasonals and the banners I want to summon on. Sometimes I’ll spent like 300 orbs and not get a single focus unit, or sometimes I’ll spend 40 and get 2 Summer Laegjarns (and that actually happened to me by the way). Anyway, hope your luck turns around though…


Yeah, And when you use your valuable summoning ressource (which you don’t get that much) for nothing…

@LadyLuna Yeah but FEH it’s with 100pulls without any 5*, needless to say it’s impossible to get to 100pulls without any 5* so that’s just hot garbage just here for saying “We do somethings about peoples who don’t have luck in their summonings”.

@KratosFredi thanks, appreciated. I will pull a bit faster with the TT, hope I get him with thoses orbs…

@VegitoSSJ2 Brother in pain… It’s amazing sometimes how RNG can be a bitch right?

@SapphireSea Nothing is more frustrating than bad summonings results… One year to finally get him, that’s sucks ! … I think I’m in the good road for being like this.

@redkid555 I don’t think there is a change in RNG lately, I always see peoples getting what they want (with/without a shitload of good things) with few orbs. Just in this forum, there is a lot of peoples who get what they wanted within a reasonable amount of orbs (or sometimes so few it’s disgusting!). Just RNG who can be a bitch…


I can understand your anger, unfortunately sometimes the RNG system can be brutal, I remember last year during the summer banner, I saved 200 orbs for SY!Tiky and I got pit braked by two leif ( that’s why I hate him so much ) an Ike and a B!roy , again I’m sorry for you and I hope you will get it, sooner or later

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