Finally got to complete him after 2 years

After 2 years, it feels good to finally get the last merge on my Eliwood this morning. I wasn’t using him much anymore so that’s why I never summoned for the last copy when he was a focused unit. I was simply hoping to get pity broken by him eventually, but it never happened in 2 years. Now that he’s got his refine, he’s surprisingly good and am happy to finally get that gold border around his portrait. Took 140 orbs this morning to finish him, and also got a few interesting 5* along the way:

I will most likely give him Ruptured Sky and a Trace skill down the line, but I’m waiting for more appropriate fodder units than my current non-dupe seasonal units. I’m even tempted to throw DC on him as a mixed phased unit, which should work well with his weapon condition (Initiate or within 2 spaces of an Ally)

Other 5* pulls

An extra merge for B! Alm

An extra merge for a 4* Special Delthea

Nice fodder from a -ATK B! Eirika

And also a few extra merges for my current merge projects

+1 merge on Seteth that was stuck at +5 for almost a year. I’ll build him appropriately when he reaches +10

+3 merges on Tatiana. Will also build her when she’s closes to +10