Finally I have won the game

Finally. Finally!

After nearly 3 years of playing as a f2p.

After 26 SSR’s

After 8 mlb 5 star non event ce’s

Finally I have been blessed with my first Kscope from a random ticket thrown at Mandricardo.


nah, you already lost at fgo

this is the true method of winning


Congratz, the QoL upgrade from a scope is profound. I’m personally one scope away from my second superscope. But even one broadens your farming capabilities.


Hides away MLB scope and fifth copy while hunting for Reines and fail

Welcome to the silver echelon of the KScope Family! Life commodities and V.I.P. farming options are now available to you! I hope you enjoy your right to have permanent stay with us and not burn your Scope by mistake. Memberships, even the cheapest options, are very premium to get and we would feel devastated to kick you and put you out of your misery so soon after finally achieving the nigh-impossible.

Have fun.


With the glory that is append skills… We only need one. Thank the elder gods, because can you imagine getting it 4 more times? It is beyond my comprehension.

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How can u get 8 MLB’d 5* CEs? I have more than 4 years playing FGO and I barely have 3 MLB 'd 5* CEs, F2P Obviously.
Gzz on your first Kaleido, hope you can get more!

I have no idea, certain CE’s love me. I have 2 Mlb 500 year obsession and I’m pretty sure there’s at least 4 5 stars besides Kscope that I still haven’t gotten even 1 copy.

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Yay! Another CE curse has been broken! Maybe there is hope for me too!

my curse is BG instead of kscope… 4th anniversary of joining is coming next week and still no sign of BG.

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You’ve only won one of the battles of this hellish war with no end in sight. But sure, congratulations :fgo_ishtarsmug:

+2k atk tho

(plus append skills means anyone without a self/team battery needs to max out their app2 anyways, to take full advantage of a non-mlb scope on their own)

it’s nice, but still super restrictive in other ways

You have to celebrate your victories when you can. Lol

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I have plenty of good farming servants, supports, and batteries but have been lacking a Kscope (or at least an mlb imaginary element which I still only have 4 copies of somehow) to enable several strats. This opens alot of doors for me instead of having to rely on the same three or four 3-turn strats I could do before.

I fell your pain all too well. 2 years and 22 SSR’s with a few np5 SRs but I still don’t have a single kscope on my main account. My alt account though has 3. The first 2 within days of starting it. Absolutely infuriating. Just one copy would make me use so many more of my servants that I rarely ever do. Congrats though!!

But now my greatest fear ist that i also have to wait for another 500 Days to get a scope after 3 years ;’)

i tip my hat to you
from one f2p to another :fgo_serenityay:
congrats! :fgo_jeannecheer:

Big grats! I remember my first scope, it’s a great feeling. Also keep an eye out for Black Grail.

POV: you get scope

Funny story: I got my first (and only) scope rolling for nyanjuna and I was so happy I got him I forgot I already got a scope until an entire day after when I got to making CE bombs from the spoils


I’ve got 4 Black Grail actually, I’ve been waiting on my 5th copy for a while lol.

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I’m jealous, but it sounds like your luck chose BG over scope. My luck has been all on scopes (3) instead. I really want MLB BG before Castoria comes out but it likely won’t happen. :fgo_anapout:

First Scope was 2 years in. CCC.

If Kscope is the price of not getting Melt, then I’ll happily take it.