Finally is finished

Finally after time of save feathers and grails, and Lost time for my tentations(I’m seeing you Arvis) I recover him, I give him a PP build, and works good, he only needs to upgrape his S seal, what do you think?



He looks amazing! now you just need to give him brave sword!


Thanks I think that’s on give give him slashin edge (I don’t remember how write it) yo have more active black luna

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If Desperation seal was a thing, Everything would be dead in his path.


Brave sword can let him hit two black Luna’s in one round if he has been hit one time. At least against people who can counter him.


That sounds good too, but I think on slaging edge(I can’t remember how write it) to give him a refine of +Atk or +Def

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Brave sword + desesperation


You can also give him Wo dao, to have more damagr, but there are problems with both.

Slaying edge, He has Black lina on his first hit, but he will still get hit, making his special overcharged.

With Wo dao, He has his special ready when his enemy attacks him back, but if the enemy can’t(either ranged locked, dies in 1 hit, orcandlelight effect) then he doesnt get to use it on the enemy.

Though its just minor inconveniences that proper planning will fix


The build is to kill everything at the first hit, the slaying edge is to hit with more frequense with black luna on his first punch, I think to give him a build of wrath + time pulse + wo dao to destroy with his specialls, but I don’t have the forder for that, I need sothis on my AR defense