FINALLY! L!Hector showed up!

After trying time and time again to get him, I finally got L!Hector on a clutch summon! Even some decent IVs! I may not have gotten Alm, but at least Hector finally showed up!


Not bad! I clutched a Hector myself yesterday! My IV is the opposite of yours, but I’m happy to break my pity rate! (Can you believe it got to 11%?) It wasn’t even a full session! I just took my 9 orbs and went!

11% Oof man. Feels bad. While I didn’t quite get all the units I wanted (I did not need 4 Leannes game…) I did admittedly get a good amount of 5 stars. That seems to be my luck with L!Banners. I tend to get a good amount of units, just not necessarily the one(s) I want. I suppose I can’t complain too much then.

Well, I can’t complain either. Last legendary banner (Yune) was great! I got 5 five star units out of five sessions! Sure, only one was new, but I have so much good fodder now. This banner hurt, but at least I broke my rate. I’m happy with it personally.

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Not bad. We’ve all had ones like this. Just how gacha works. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don’t.