Finally - looks like we'll get damage measurements in raids

I missed the team damage bars and always wanted to know if my raid teams were really as big and clever as I thought they were. Finally, amongst other things, looks like we’ll be able to see raid stats again.

  • Keeping a single Pokémon in battle for the longest time of all participants
  • Using the tallest Pokémon among all participants in battle

The next time a Ghost Legendary is released, I’m predicting a LOT of Blissey’s being used intentionally. And Alolan Exeggute is going to be a common … no. Not Alolan Exeggute.


We’re gonna see lots of Blissey’s and Wailords in Raids.


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How could you neglect our lord Aggron?

And this little gem:

  • Using the most Charged Attacks of all participants

Oh dis gunna be GUD!

It’s not “White Boy Summer”, it’s “Raid Trolling Summer”.

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How could you neglect our lord Aggron?

See, the problem with Aggron is that Aggron can actually do measurable damage. That means the raid will be won in less time than if you used a big ol’cute ball of attacking uselessness.

Aggron is not that tall.émon_by_height

Serperior is taller.

I’m guessing they meant as a long-lasting pokemon, not a tall one

My amateur calculations say you’ll need about 6 people with teams of L50 Blissey to beat a Virizion. Seems like it just shouldn’t be possible. Suppose we’ll find out one day.

My amateur calculations say you’ll need about 6 people with teams of L50 Blissey to beat a Virizion. Seems like it just shouldn’t be possible. Suppose we’ll find out one day.

To be serious, the problem isn’t that a group of Trainers will use Blissey. Or Wailord. Or some Pokemon with a spammable Charge Move (like X-Scissor). It’s that you will have one person who brings in a Blissey with the only goal of dodging every Charge Move and hoping that the raid lasts a full 300 seconds. Or the person who brings in X-Scissor when it’s an irrelevant move (like against Regigigas) or worse, resisted, just to get that “Most charged moves used” Trainer Achievement. And because you’re already shortmanning the raid (maybe even Remoting the Raid), you either fail it or you get far less rewards (like Mega energy) because that one 1D10T who is trying to get his Gold “Keeping a single Pokemon in Battle For the Longest” Achievement clicked on the same raid you clicked on, or kept spamming X-Scissor against the fifth release of Giratina so he could get that Achievement instead.

Really, I’m hoping all of these Trainer Achievements are achievable on raids where you Lose and raids where you’re Solo, just so people who want to blast through those Achievements can do so without impacting the enjoyment of others. Need 100 raids where you (reach the goa)? 100 Solo Raids, bam, got the Achievement. It violates the apparent spirit of these Achievements, but I’m good with that if it means they don’t cause me problems during raids. (like having to see a bouncing Blissey or watching a Scizor trying to take on Regigigas)

These Achievements might end up coming back to bite Niantic in the arse.

(also… how do you change your avatar’s clothing during a raid? That one I skipped over, but now that I’m looking at it… wha? I utterly and completely ignore the Avatar in game (I changed it up for the first time in 2 years a few days ago after hitting Level 43 and getting a new Pose, and was curious what it looked like. It’s meh, but eh.) so is it possible to change your Avatar while in a Raid? If so… that is going to be so, so, so much of an aggravation…)

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Yep, but I suppose, as ever, the organised groups will benefit and the random ‘send 5 invites to anyone’ will suffer. I was in a Facebook group last year when remote raiding was new (think of it as a less organised pokeraid app where people can abuse each other publicly) and it turned toxic so fast. I can only imagine it will get even worse if someone sees a blissey in and they lose narrowly.

It’s what gave me the idea of starting a small international group, which is still going today. Along with my local group it means any of us are rarely stuck for a raid. If one of the group wants to run a blissey and it won’t matter, they can.

The outfit thing is odd, I think the last time I changed mine was about a year ago. Maybe it’s win x raids with different outfits? Time will tell but seeing as I’m on course for my 35 platinum medals for L49 I won’t be crying if I never get it.

I am excited about the damage award. It’ll make doing some otherwise pointless raids (Hi, Regigigas) fun again. I imagine at least two or three of my friends will be hard to beat so there’s a good element of long term competition there.

This is clearly a good idea but not so well implemented.

The most damage will be interesting and will finally encourage people to power up some pokemon and don’t just go with the recommended squad.

It seems this feature is rolling out already.

Stadiums are looking different and there is a medal for achievements too.
Achievements still have no effect of raid rewards I’m affraid.

I just got this for the first time in a Regigigas raid