Finally made another +10

For the first time in a couple years, another +10 joins my barracks.
Had my eye on him for years but couldn’t justify the grails for a Sword Inf with no prf.
But now.



Oh hey, another member of the +10 Rutger club

His new refine makes me all the more glad I decided to invest in NY Kyza and not Yen’fay, because now he basically is Yen’fay but with Slaying instead of DC. On the plus side he is now a very good choice for Vital Astra, and considering his mediocre Atk stat, he needs all the help he can get


For me the perma breath effect is the cherry on top that sets him apart.

Who needs DR B or Breath/BLucina when you just come with them.

And we have LMByleth if the seasons match for double DR.


And he how has his updated partner.
Re run when IS.

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