So, the next event looks better, MM for my shadow beldum (and for any non shadows) extra kyogre and groudon candy and free passes.

If they’d release Origin Pulse and Precipice Blades that would finish it off for me. But all in all great week next week.

Rayquaza with Hurricane? What the.

My Shadow Beldum has also been waiting for a long time.

Looking forward to the Johto event!

Hurricane is a massive improvement over Aerial Ace so Rayquaza can be a decent Flying type attacker.

Yeah, Ray with hurricane is an odd one. Not sure where that’s going to fit into any bit of the game.

Edit: see that it’s an improvement on aerial ace but aside from virizion I can’t recall last time I used Ray for flying damage.

But yes, looks promising for Johto too.

Hurricane isnt that strong :/ but ya know maybe someday dragon ascent

Absolutely not, Hurricane is just slightly better than Aerial Ace but much more unreliable. If I need Rayquaza as a flying attacker, I would still go with Aerial Ace. What I’ve been expecting is Fly!

This time I completely agree. At least brave bird or something. Hurricane on such a frail mon makes no sense…

Hurricane seems to be an exclusive move just for the sake of being an exclusive move, just like it was with articuno. No real improvements in performance, just something for the collection.

Articuno at least was a little (!) bit improved for PvP…

Rayquaza isn’t a bird, so no Brave Bird. Just pray for Dragon Ascent being a 2-bar move, unlike Aeroblast and Techno Blast. 1-bar signature moves are too disappointing.

Or sky attack or whatever (or fly as you said). BB was just the first coming to my mind…

Sky Attack isn’t possible either: its animation is a bird with wings, which Rayquaza doesn’t have. Fly is the most suitable option at the moment.
By the way, the Roserade CD opens up the possibility of a Salamence rerun featuring both Air Slash and Fly. Although I don’t like rerun CD, I won’t refuse this.

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I modified the TDO spreadsheet to add Hurricane Rayquaza. I expected a larger DPS increase but it’s really not much better than Aerial Ace.

Animations or design aside, Rayquaza doesn’t learn Sky Attack or Brave Bird in the MSG anyway. The only two Flying moves left are Dragon Ascent and Fly. Well, there’s Defog and Sky Drop but I doubt we’ll see either added to the game.

Shadow part aside for a minute…
Is there any information whether one can TM Meteor Mash during this period?
I got a hundo Metagross with Zen Headbutt and Flash Cannon that I would like to make viable…

Exclusive moves are never attainable by normal TM, unless you use an Elite TM.

Hmm, too bad. I knew it can’t be done normally, but hoped due to the event that there is a slight possibility for it…
Oh well, guess I’m gonna make a psychic out of it later on.

It’s your choice but personally, for a hundo, I’d think about setting aside an ECTM for it.

In fact, a perfect Metagross lacking Meteor Mash is arguably the best currently possible use of an Elite Charged TM, tied with a perfect Mewtwo lacking Psystrike.


Psychic shadow Metagross is also excellent.