Finally! My First Top Operator Tag!

FINALLY :fgo_ereshwoah:

Spent about 40 or so Permits and Plans before snagging one though :fgo_ereshdistress:
Was about to give up when I had about 5 Permits left but decided to press on. Got lucky with rare tags such as Shift and Fast-Redeploy until my final Permit earning me with Top Operator! The only down side I felt was not getting the Sniper Tag for Exusiai but oh well, beggars can’t be choosers. I’ll take SilverAsh any day :fgo_ereshlove:


I got my first Top Operator tag just for the tag to fall off. I was so upset.

Haven’t gotten another one since then. :pensive:

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Yeah I know how that feels for the other day I got the Nuker tag but fell off. I was bummed out for it would’ve been a free Firewatch :fgo_ereshdistress:

Well, it didn’t come from the Recruit section, but I did summon Silverash on the new banner. So there’s that.



I don’t know if you already know but you should be more conservative with your recruit permits. At the very least you should spend it on a guaranteed 4*. The recruitment filter comes really handy for this

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Yeah I’m currently trying to stock up my permits once again after finally getting the top operator tag. Only spending them for the daily/weekly mission. So far I gathered up 10 permits.

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You actually coulve guaranteed Silver Ash or maybe the game was foreshawdowing it. You had a Guard Tag and Ash is the only 6 star guard you can get from recruitment.

Fun Fact: I also got the same tags. Picked both and they didnt fall off. Presto a Shiny new Silva Ash.

Still yet to find one myself… Most be close to 100 recruits by now too :/

Top operator doesn’t fall off if you put it on 9 hrs recruit.

I thought I did do it for nine hours, although maybe I used two tags that weren’t compatible and therefore it was crossed off?

If I have Expedited Tickets then I’ll just set it for the max time and then use one, so I can’t see myself setting it for a shorter time in that scenario.

Haven’t yet seen Senior or Top Operator for 1 month playing this games, but so far recruitment have given me 2 fire watch and 1 Lappland

Yeah it takes awhile I did a little over a 100 and finally got mine today

If you put top op to 9 hours, it will never fail. The extra tags may fall off, but top op itself won’t.

I goty first Top Operator tag as well

Feb. 25, 2020

She’s pretty good I say

Edit: I was gonna post this since Feb. 25th but the limit was 1 image so I have to find a way and yeah I can be able to post 2 image for reasons.


Already got two (silverash and ifrit ).

Yay, got Ifrit!!


I picked ‘ranged’ to try and get Exu or Ifrit. I got Shining.
Is she worth training to replace Silence? That medical drone is super useful but a 6* has to have something good too right?

I’m not really sure if one is better than the other really since every operator shines differently to suit the occasion. Though you could always get her to E1 lvl 20 or 30 and test her out. It’s not a complete waste of resources to do so.

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I don’t have any medic chips, and the map’s not back until Thursday and then I’ll presumably be busy with the event so it might be a while until I can try her out. Well there’s no rush I guess, idk why I’m trying to decide now :feh_morganagrom:

meh, both of them only shine if you E2 them first, but the one with shield is better then all of them, for the best medic right now i think it will be ptilopsis with her sp talent

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