Finally omfg ๐Ÿ˜‘

After 4 guard bearings,2 dive bomb and 4 f-cking Pegasus flight lol I finally got Wyvern flight.

Now I debate on rather or not if I should pick up Palla for aether raids.


That Spd/Res Rein looks tempting on her


Also, at least you got Deck Swabber, Iโ€™ve still yet to see it show up


Ironically I didnโ€™t care about the weapon,but Iโ€™ve only gotten good weapons lol dragoon axe,deck swabber,huge fan+,fire sweep and rear guard axe.

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Why guard axe? Her prf already has guard in it

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Like i get forma value but there is literally never a situation where guard axe would be selected over dragoon

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He said Rear Guard Axe (probably a typo since itโ€™s just โ€œRearguardโ€) - he didnโ€™t mean Guard Axe

Because its the only good seasonal Axe Iโ€™ve been getting on her

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And also her Axe only has Guard if the Foe is at 100% which the foe wonโ€™t always be

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Fair enough

And I mean, I had Huge Fan on her at first but she wasnโ€™t getting full use out of it since she wasnโ€™t getting any buffโ€™sโ€ฆ and also I mainly wanted

Deck Swabber

But it never wanted to show up yet

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Lol same my mininerva refuses to roll any good skills at all expect spd/def rein

Deck swabber is pretty much the only inheritable that would ever realistically be used over dragoon

You gonna forma soul her?

I mightโ€ฆ I donโ€™t really need her since I have Jill already built with WF/Spd/Def Rein with Galeforce and is already +5 so Y.Minerva isnโ€™t really that neededโ€ฆ but I might tho just cuz

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I feel dumb rn.
Sorry :sweat_smile:

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