Finally pulled Leila

She has pretty good IV’s too.

But I don’t think I’m going to keep her, at least, not after she is a bonus unit.
What should I do with her after that though? I was actually going to give her to Hinata, but he has Steady posture 3 now. Maybe marth, who would score really good if I did that then gave him aether. What do you guys think?

Why can’t she just chill in your barracks tho?


You finally summoned her, but you don’t want to use her? :feh_confused:


Specifically for fodder. Also sunken coat falsify.

For Marth is he getting the Ruse? Because that would make him an even better supporting unit!

I’d say keep her until you have someone that really wants her fodder. She comes pretty much fully built anyways so no need to invest into her :feh_legion:


I see. Well you can either give someone LnD 4 and rally+/ruse or you can give someone rally+/ruse but only if you already have rally atk/spd, which is quite uncommon. Just keep her :ferdbirb:

Powercreep is a $&@%#!

(Maybe I will keep her.)


Yeah it’s getting stupidly :feh_disgusting:


I intend to feed her to him eventually. He’s also gonna get a refine at some point.


Give her to me!

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She seems like a pretty interesting unit to use—I don’t have her, but you might want to farm a bunch of her HM and decide what to do with her fodder along the way.