Finally Reached Camalot: What Servants Should I Prioritize to Make it Through?

After playing FGO on and off for months, I’ve finally reached the moment of truth; the infamous Camalot. To make sure I’m going in prepared, here are all of my leveled Servants. And now I ask; which ones should I use to get through this as relatively painless as possible? And is there any other general advice you can think of that I should be privy to? Thank you on advance for any help you can give.

Just in case, Servants not listed:
Archers: Touta, Billy the Kid, Kid Gil, David, Euryale, Arash
Lancers: Fionn Mac Cumhail, Diarmuid, Hektor, Romulus, Proto Cu, Benkei
Riders: Summer Ishtar (didn’t get all the ascension materials for), Marie, Alexander, Ushiwakamaru, Boudica, Medusa, Blackbeard, Georgios
Casters: Nursery Rhyme, Geronimo, Babbage, Cu, Mephistopheles, Gilles de Rais, Medea, Shakespeare, Hans, Mozart
Assassins: Stheno, Serenity, Fuuma, Hassan, Henry Jekyll, Jing Ke, Phantom, Sanson, Cursed Arm
Berserkers: Lancelot, Heracles, Paul Bunyan, Caligula, Asterios, Sparticus
Extra: Ruler Martha, Mash
Second Archive: Summer Artoria Archer, Berserker Raikou, Orion Archer, and Assassin Shuten

Camelot is infamous but the only one that is kind of tricky is Gawain, in the end they can all be curbstomped by friend support so you can beat it on a brand new account (in other words, it is not necessary to prioritise anyone for Camelot). But if you want to use your own servants focus on finishing up Gil, Waver, Arthur because Archer, Saber and support servant, the rest need quite a bit more work to be serviceable in Camelot boss fights. Camelot friend cheese compilation

Euryale/Orion will save you against Gawain. The guy is an enormous pain in the ass.

If you haven’t already, Max skill Mash and Max her level. It’s relatively cheap to do for all of her skills so it shouldn’t inconvenience you terribly. You’ll be wanting to use her in any particular hard fights which is pretty much all of them.

You’ll be facing bad ass versions of all of the Knights of the Round so you’ll want to plan for them. Tristain isn’t as easy as you’d think since he doesn’t deal weakened damage to lancers.

Uh… why would you keep those in the second archive?


Siegfried can help a lot with the final boss in Camelot but you have a Waver and support sabers could do the job.

Outside of Camelot I suggest that you invest in raising Hans, Artoria Archer and Raikou. Eventually Shuten and Orion as well.
Lancelot is also a very good servant.

There is a reason Artoria and Raikou are generally rated rather high.
Artoria hits hard and has insane np gain while Raikou is a good servant for most content provided you can keep her alive.
Berserker class+star gather and a potent steroid is nothing to scoff at, plus you have a Waver so she can deal heavy damage.

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I remember euryale + maxed mash + support waver carrying me through most fights.
Since you got gilgamesh using him can be better idea

For Camelot bosses you will need at least 1 archer, 1 saber, 1 assassin, 1 Caster dps, 1 avenger.

Those 3 assassin while not hard they can be annoying as they had more than 100k HP and everyone had ST with death effect except for Hundred face.

Bringing/borrowing alter Ego also recommend especially Kiara for battle against Assassins and Ozy/Nitocris

Demon Pillar is Berserker if I’m not mistaken.

Lion King had 600k HP but manage able especially if you borrow Musashi as backup for your Arthur.

Since KoRT had some niche so before you fight remember to check boss niche or you’ll eat Clarent Blood Arthur each turn since Modred spamming NP each turn

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Tristan Boss: Use Leonidas. He’s very useful due to his NP gen up interacting with Tristan’s high hitcounts in a pretty nice way.
Lancelot: Support Jeanne Alter and go to town
Modred: Prep David and servants with NP drain. Orion/ Squirtoria is a nice pick.
Gawain: Eurayle, Mash, Jeanne should deal with it well. Hope you leveled her! NP drain works quite well here to
Egyptians: Not that hard, bring a support Kiara and you should do ok.
FINAL BOSS: Bring Mashu and a ST support saber, like Okita or Musashi. Your Lancelot would work fine as well.

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You should focus on summer artoria, shes the best dps in the game imo and should help a lot with gawain. Mash is also a staple for lots of teams and her low cost helps a lot. Lancelot is a really strong saber who can self sufficiently crit regularly. And if you’re really concerned about the gawain fight you should level euryale too

Gawain and Mordred might prove irritating for you. Euryale, Orion, and David will all prove incredibly valuable when fighting those two. Stheno gets an honorable mention vs Gawain, specifically, as you can combo her with Euryale and Orion for charmlocking.

The final boss might bother you a bit, as she tanks enough hits to inevitably get her NP off. Mashu and Jeanne will be helpful in surviving, while Siegfried will tear through her in the event you don’t just borrow a Musashi from friend supports.

I generally don’t like to use waifus unless I absolutely have to. I like having a team of husbands instead, but since I probably need to prioritze gameplay in this chapter, I mentioned them in case they’d help.

I see, I’ll probably try to focus on Orion then (if I can get away with a support Euryale) Thank you for the advice!

Ah, I’ll try to actually level Mash then.

Well I was gonna raise Hans eventually, I guess I’ll start sooner rather than later. Ah, I hoped to be able to avoid the 5 star females, but I guess there’s no getting around it.

Ok, got it. Is there any lower rarity servant I might want to tend to as well?

Whew, alright. I’ll level Mash. Is there anyone in particular I should use for Tristan?

Very thorough, thank you. I’ll make sure to focus on Orion and Mash (and I guess Euryale.)

I remember hearing about Lancelot’s power so I was leveling him, good to know he’d be good here. Seems like Euryale is a good idea for her charm…

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Those are some of the absolute best servants in their categories. Obviously Shuten gets outclassed by servants like Jack, and Orion has trouble getting her NP off, but they’re still extremely useful servants to have. All of them. You’d be remiss NOT using them tbh. Raikou especially, since she’s pretty much an any-class trump card, provided you pair her with a Mash or Waver to keep her alive.

Goofiness and waifus aside;

Saber Lancelot is a top tier servant. One of the best damage you’ll see from the saber class in general.

Cu Chulainn is an excellent servant all around. Good survivability and good NP damage.

Atalanta is also worth leveling for her good damage and ocean of crit stars on her NP.

Kid Gil’s NP can decrease enemy NP damage by up to 90%. This may be useful for certain KoRT fights like Gawain and Mordred, who can wipe your whole line instantly.

Arash because he can hit like a damn train.

You’ve got riders covered pretty well with your Kintoki, but Ushiwakamaru is also super good. Medusa can hit 50k damage on her AoE NP, as well, so she would be a good one to have at at least level 60.

Hans is a really good support servant. You should definitely level him, regardless of what content you’re doing. He’ll serve you for a good while. Medea has a good ST NP and decent damage otherwise. Plus the easy NP5 and buff removal is really nice.

Fuuma and Cursed Arm are fairly good damage. Serenity can also pump out good numbers on her NP, but is otherwise unremarkable.

Heracles, Lancelot, and Paul Bunyan are good servants. Spartacus is good when you have him maxed with + his interludes/strengthening, but mostly just for farming. Asterios is also good, but only for specific things. You don’t need him in Camelot, but I do recommend leveling him at some point.

Saint of Punch Martha and Mashu should be obvious. Good servants.

Tristan weak against saber and use ST NP. He had true sight so his NP pierced evade. Best servant for this fight is Musashi. You van also bring taunter like mash, D’eon, leonadis for them to eat the NP. Best also bring Atlas Academy Uniform in case your invincible is on CD

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