Finally Settled On An A SKill

I +10ed Flora on her banner this year, and +8ed Felicia, but I had been far too indecisive to pick a premium A skill for her between Sturdy and Mirror Stance 3. Orochi has now came along and immediately snapped up my only Mirror Stance 3 (Osian from the codes) so it was then an easy choice for Flora.

She got the save skill from Dedue at the same time so if I ever decide Close Counter/Foil would be good for her she’s got that option. She’ll stick with her base Armour March as she is now as she’s almost always deployed with sister and support partner.

The mixed phase set idea is death by Bold Fighter for player phase and trying to one-shot on enemy phase with the new guard effect in her A skill stopping specials in case she doesn’t.

I’m very pleased with her and Felicia and so glad I could get one of them fully merged. I’ll try for the last two Felicia next year.


Oh a +10 Picnic Flora. :smiley: Very nice.

When you use Sturdy Stance 3, isn’t it better when you combine it with a Far Save skill?^^
And then use Slick Fighter as her B Slot skill^^


She’ll be sticking with Armour March as I have no Far Save nor Slick Fighter. The mixed phase works pretty well for her with Bold Fighter.