Finally time to build a wind team

Now that I have enough copies of L!Corrin to fully merge her, I’ve been mulling over what to use for arena.

My main concern for the season is L!Sigurd, as there are few good F2P options that I would like to use. I imagine Felix would be ideal, but I would need to run another armoured unit so I could use armour march. I originally thought Dithorba would be a good option with Pegasus flight, but her low defence means she’d likely struggle against Sigurd. Seteth would be great, but I don’t have enough copies of him.

As for the other unit, I thought of two different options. Firstly was M!Corrin (I do have R duel infantry 4), as he could provide a substantial stat boost to L!Corrin, and could provide further support with atk/spd ruse. However, I feel like M!Corring would struggle a lot in combat. As for the other option, I was considering Chrom because I like the character. I was either thinking about doing an all out atk build, so he could easily one-shot enemy L!Corrins, or a spd based galeforce build.

My main focus is to try and counter major arena threats like L!Sigurd, L!Corrin, fallen Edelgard, etc. Any other units I could use that I haven’t thought of?

Dithorba can do it if you have her built for arena (which you obviously would), I don’t know what boost L!Corrin gives, so I left it off.


Corrin only gives +3 HP, like all pair up legendaries


Nice build for Dithorba. It’s a shame I don’t have B duel flying (I think the score difference shouldn’t matter too much) or the candy cane for her though.

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Flowing Lance and Fury 4


I’m now strongly considering Chrom for my arena team, and have thought up a galeforce build for him.

Close call and galeforce allows him to hit and run quite effectively.

With that in mind, I’m now considering a support unit to use. I was thinking of Jorge due to how strong his bow is for support, but he wouldn’t be very good in combat due to his middling atk and spd.