Finally updating HHenry!

With this Tempest Trial, I finally dusted off HHenry. He had a meh build (Lancebreaker 2?). Since I had PLeo sitting as a manual for a while, I finally got to giving Henry a new build…plus PLeo’s QR3 to boot!

Only one major downside:


Oh dear, that look is worrying me. I hope it survives through the tempest!


Oh no, that arrow is going to attack him :feh_notlikethis:


Henry is the better coffin holder. Can’t change my mind.


DB3 and QR?

That’s another thing I’m thinking of changing. Still thinking of what will replace it…

Update: Tossed in grails to get Atk/Res bond!

Warding Breath? If you’re gonna res stack, might as well go all the way. But considering his Atk, Fierce Breath would be better. The problem with that is that you don’t get a free L!Tiki

Since he’s enemy phase you can do a stance.

Since he’ll be taking on mages you can do Mirror Stance.

Silly rabbit. Ranged units can’t use Breath skills.

Not a single soul:
IS:only melee peeps can breathe. We don’t even know why, they just can’t

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Don’t have the feathers to promote a Silvia manual. D:

Technically, Oliver exists, but he’s too glorious to be foddered. :bigbeauty:

He has Mirror Strike :tooobin:, you’re thinking of Gharnef.

Kaze knows :royyes:

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Oh, I could get it from Gharnef.

Well, I usually have him near an ally (3/4 armor emblem this tempest), so got him a bond skill instead.

Somehow I forgot Gharnef is in FEH…

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Nothing against you, but I don’t think you’re allowed to judge builds. lmao


Foddered a W! Cecilia to him :elisad:

Bond is probably better though. Can give him some surprising mixed phase capability.

I doubt it’s just you. :tooobin:

Once Naesala is done, Cecilia will be my next merge. She’s in use in my anima defense team atm, so no worries. :smiley:

(Rolf won’t be grailable for a while anyways)

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Dang, merging her after foddering one, that’s bold. I’m doing the same, so you have my respect. :royyes:

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Love the Sandwiches meme. I always cracked up when someone posted about a character having a “defense refined Sandwich.” :slight_smile:

I got my first H!Henry just a while ago and fed him my Lugh to inherit Gronnserpent+. Thinking of making him an EP tank with some mobility. If I get a spare Vengeful Fighter I may fodder it off to him. (Could replace DD3 with Close Defense 3 for some mixed bulk).

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Nice looking HHenry!

Also, got a chuckle out of the SP and HM counts.

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when I’m not making Silver Sword+ Atk Refine H!Hector, my builds are surprisingly good