Finally upgraded my Askr trio

After all this time, I’ve finally built up the Askr trio. I spent way too long being indecisive, but now they should be better prepared for arena.

First, there’s Alfonse:

A simple build for him, focusing on being tanky and hitting hard.

Then there’s Sharena:

Not the best build, but lull atk/spd is a decent fit compared to spurn (I don’t think Sharena is fast enough to use damage reduction skills). I’m a bit tempted to use the AHR free summon to get S!Erika to give Sharena atk/spd oath 4, but this will do for now.

And finally there’s the most invested on of the three, Anna:

I’m quite happy with this build. A decent amount of damage reduction and omni-breaker in enemy phase should make her pretty decent.

Overall I’m happy with these builds, but I’d love some tips to make them even better as bonus units.

Now just to make my arena teams better so arena is less painful.


There’s really nothing else that should be improved regarding equipment. You’ve already given them the best weapons available and some of the best skills.
Sharena just needs a better C skill, but Cross Spur Atk works for scoring.

Only thing left is to max their dragonflowers. I’ll admit I’m a bit worried about their survival after seeing you lowered their HP, but the follow-up mechanic from the arcane weapons might hold them up.

Very nice to see more people investing in the askrans :feh_alfonsesmile:


I decided to go for a HP bane simply because I didn’t think there was a better option (but the extra 10 HP for being a bonus unit helps). I do hope the trio get merges though so banes aren’t a problem.

I’m glad to have finally built them up though, even if it was a bit painful to use up such good fodder.


I don’t see this ever happening, for one simple reason: it will not help your rank

If Askr trio gets merges everyone who wants to score well will merge them and massively inflate the score ceiling. In the end, whales will be the only ones who benefit because they’ll just +10 the highest scorer of the day as their bonus.

We already get a taste of this when we have a Release Version bonus. People were scoring upwards of 3,900 during the most recent one (a Version 2 bonus) and scores that were safe to maintain T21 before would get you demoted


I personally feel like it wouldn’t be too bad to give them merges. Since the version bonus units are now a thing, the score ceiling has already become a lot higher, so equalising this with the Askr trio wouldn’t be the worst.

Sure you could argue other bonus units become redundant, but as unit BST becomes higher, even the duel skills on the Askr trio might not be enough for optimal scoring.

But really I mainly want the merges to remove the annoying bane and help them keep up with power. It would be nice for the main characters of the game to keep up statistically with the rest of the cast.


This is precisely the issue.

Merges are worth VASTLY more than BST. If Askr trio becomes mergable, every other bonus unit becomes worthless unless you also have them at +10. It’s very rare for an easily +10ed unit to be a bonus unit except during Release Version bonuses or during GHB reruns, so the only way to compete among all the people with +10 Askr bonus units is to use a higher scoring +10 bonus unit – which generally means whaling for a new unit every season or two because oops, the new GHB/TT unit can only be +1 or +2 during their initial bonus run and thus will score less than a +10 unit, even one with significantly less BST. Alternatively, it means investing in higher scoring units for your core – Legendaries and especially Duos, which means more whaling.

As I mentioned before, this is also a problem during Release Version bonuses, but those are only every few seasons. Having that every week makes reaching T21 essentially impossible without legendaries, and you can forget about maintaining T21

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I don’t think they should be necessarily mergeable but they should have a skill rework and maybe BST upgrade. Some sort of resplendant maybe?

I can’t imagine being a new player and having to clear stuff with the trio…


That’s honestly a nice middle ground! A prf skill, new refine or resplendent style stat boost could really help them out, without causing any scoring related problems.


This I can agree with. They are workable with cheap builds, but if you’re just starting out, you still have to dump a pretty hefty amount of resources on them

And with Infantry dragonflowers being easily the most competitive type, and the fact that EACH ONE needs 2660 flowers to max them out… That’s so much investment. And one that keeps stacking up each year with another 600 being added with each batch of CYL units


Personally I’d love to see them each legendary alts that we would get a free copy of each through the story. Because they’re long overdue for an upgrade. Made my own even because IS sure doesn’t seem interested in doing it :feh_tooobin: