Finaly I did it(My happiness is so bigger)

Finally after months of desesperating fails and Lost all my orbs i dit it, I obtain FM!Robin

And here an build that I Made today for him(I’m using it now)


Ugh. I wanna give him Fortress Def/Res but I gave my only copy to Fallen Delthea.

I dunno what Aslot to give him except for Warding Breath, and I don’t have much in terms of premium fodder.


Since he has built in DC and he’s slow, my best idea is Warding Breath Wary Fighter.



Why Wary Fighter over Vengeful? :thinking:

what exactly makes this a Super Bruh Moment™?

Hey that’s an awesome build bro, congrats

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Because he can’t tank, so stopping the enemy from attacking is a good thing ._.

Because that’s not a good build


It’s a enemy fase build, his skills ad his iv help him to be a really powerfull mixed wall, he can survive one hit of exalted chrom and respond with a destructive Ignis (I could give him aether but I don’t have noone with that forrage)

Huh? What do you mean he can’t tank?

Mine who is at +1 can barely tank 2 generic green mages if they both double ._.

I said it his iv and his build makes him a mixed wall

Did you actually invest in his resistance?

That’s why I’m hoping to give him Warding Breath soon ._.

You can give gim distant def and you obtain more versatility

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That’s something I was thinking about giving him, but I was wanting to run a Bold Fighter + Quick Riposte build.

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Imo Male Grima does better with BF than VF as his defensive stats aren’t high enough to consistently tank without high merges or investment.

That’s not a bad build! Nice!


That build looks nice!, maybe [Warding Stance] in the SS slot is better as it also helps taking on mages, remember his weapon has [Distant Counter] on it!, also [Wary Fighter] can be good if you plan to make him a tankier unit (rather than offensive) so it’s not entirely bad!