Finished F!Tiki

With the weekly revival, I was able to finish Tiki :smile:


Super jealous :cry: mine is close to +10 but no orbs to pull on this banner.

Congrats on the +10. I’m also running Ideal and think it’s a solid A skill :clap:


Congrats for your Tiki! She looks great!

However, isn’t Fury 3 a bit counterproductive with Special Fighter?



Also her refine is so close… can’t wait to see it.


Very nice, congrats! :catclap:


Yeah it’s a bit of an awkward seal imo, I personally run Spd/Res Solo myself

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Yes, it is definitely the ideal skill :smiley:

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A bit, but it I wanted a flexible seal that could be used on for a mixed phase unit. Solo skills was not the best for the close-support comps I run with her. Form seems like it could have worked but it is just as inflexible as solo skills with the positioning. The only other seal I probably would have considered would be Fort. def/res, but sadly it only goes up to 2 :frowning:

Fury will only last with special fighter for 2 or 3 rounds of combat, but she should have aether up by then.


Congrats! I really like F!Tike too. She fell off really hard cuz she’s just a big stat stick, can’t wait for her refine. I think mine it around +6~7, but L!Myrrh and Summer destroyed all my orbs, so i can’t pull for more copies now.

And i’ll agree with the others, Fury is pretty weird on her. Not only chip dmg is bad on a tank, but also counters Special Fighter. Solo seals are the easiest to work around, as she doesn’t need to stick close to allies to get buffs, so it’s easy to use on either phases.