Finished "Looming in the Shadows" Quest

I had a headstart being in Japan (spin 5 stops), and managed to complete it today after about 3 hours of walking/searching/battling.

The tricky annoying part is with part 4 where you have to battle each leader once. You may end up battling the same leader again, and of so… You gotta look for 6 more grunts to battle. Luckily I only had this misfortune once.

Giovanni himself was decent, but after my first defeat I did him in. He had Persian, Rhydon, and Articuno.
Afterwards, it gave me a chance to capture Articuno itself, got it on my first ball (horrible stats🤢)

I imagine he’s available in three varieties, one for each legendary bird Pokemon. Should be fun to get the others. But oh so much fighting!


I’ve heard this research is repeatable each month so you’ll have a chance to get all 3 shadow legendary birds.

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What are your Articuno’s IVs?

Actually kill 6 grunts, then search randomly until you find that leader. Until you see the one you want to kill, don’t fight them.

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Attack: 5
Defense: 9
HP: 1

So I think you can actually use them in Great League if their stats are low enough + level. I haven’t purified mine yet.
WHICH I JUST NOTICED IS 20,000 STARDUST!:exploding_head:

Forget it. If you purify it, it’s level is to high. If you keep like this, you need to invest an absurd ammount of stardust into powering up and well… the second charge attack costs 300.000 stardust and 225 candy. Frustration is beyond terrible as a charge move as well.

The shadow legendaries are here just for getting more candy. The IVs are beyond awful due to no IV floor, both Zapdos and Moltres won’t be able to learn their exclsuive moves and with 20K stardust needed for purification and being able to trade it’s best to just transfer them or keep them as (useless) collectables.

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that would be awesome and seems legit due to the lack of good rewards

You get lots of stardust and a chance to use some Pokemon that you otherwise won’t use however. They encourage you to think out of the window.

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That’s for the Shadow 'mon. Purified, it would be something like 80k and 80 candy (or maybe 75?).

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The one thing I don’t know yet is if the legendary pokemon we get the chance to encounter, is that a fixed pokemon for everyone? I really wanted to be the case because leaving RNG for something that can only be done once a month… Geez Louise!

Purified it’s level 25, which is too high for great league.

Let’s be real, unless one lucks out and somehow gets a goodIV, there’s no real point in puryfing the legendaries, at least not with only getting a cahnce once per month. A neat feature, but somewhat poorly executed

As of using a second charge move… let’s look at the birds.
Articuno— all ice attacks with Ice Beam being the only viable charge move.
Zapdos - Thunder shock is better, Charge beam is of no worth & only charge beam will be obtainable here
Moltres - Overheat is the only good charge move, with Sky attack being legacy and unobtainable from rocket battles.

The same goes for more or less every other legendary.

Articuno has Ancient Power as PVP Coverage if you are not aware.

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Which is as useful as iron head on aerodactyl

Actually the chance of getting a 100% from a shadow mission (not boosted by weather) is 1/151

If boosted 1/64, But I think you can’t get a weather boosted legendary shadow pokemon, only the common rocket ones can be

All the birds also have Ancient Power added recently to their movepool and Zapdos has Drill Peck (same time Moltres got Wing Attack). They aren’t meta-shaking, true, but those aren’t bad coverage moves either.

Unless shadow Legendaries function differently than normal shadow Mons, the odds of getting a perfect one is much smaller, given that they don’t have the 10/10/10 IV floor like Mons from raids, research tasks, and eggs do. It would be the same odds as a finding a hundo in the wild, with a slight boost if you’re counting the +2 IV boost from purifying.

If we only had at the very least an IV floor of like 10/10/10 it would have been cool but that’s not the case. I already used all of my luck for one-time things on my 98% Mew.
And unfortunately, it’s true for most legendaries, only very few are actually useful like Rayquaza,Groudon and both Giratinas (for PVP)

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None of you are doing the math here

13 13 13 and above = 100%

That’s 27 combinations that are equal to 100% from 4096 possibilities

That’s 1/151


Can I keep collecting mysterious components after I got leader radar so I can prepare 4th stage?

I know of those additions, but they aren’t worth 100K stardust in the slightest.
If Zapdos had Peck as a fast move(which it can learn btw), then it could be OK as a flying attacker, since Drill Peck isn’t too shabby. However there would still be no point in having another charge move unlocked, since you wouldn’t be able to just switch the fast move, due to the better electric fast move being legacy. The benefit of having that move would just be that a Zapdos caught outside of the raid hour would have some use, instead of being outclassed by another version of itself.