Finished the most beautiful Eliwood

Hello, I’m still alive and lurking.

I finally did it. I finished my favorite character in the game, and his favorite alt.
Have still do the finishing touches of the Floret and S support, but man seeing that +10 with max merges.
Ooooh man it feels good.
Eliwood is a good boy, and now one hell of a powerhouse.

Down here is a very old post, with even older post linked in it from before community
It’s my old campaign for CYL Eliwood. This is what I poured a lot of passion into. I probably couldn’t explain it better as I did back then why I like Eliwood.


Lots of +10’s today lol

But nice, he looks good :catclap:




That’s the beauty of having 5 simultaneous banners full of popular characters that have the best focus rates in the game, lol


Congratulations he looks great.

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On top of a bunch of free tickets… Tho the tickets themselfs hardly help that much unless you are going for the sparks for saving

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