Finishing Babylonia till November

Hi im currently done with the Orleans Singularity and im asking myself if its realistic to try finish babylonia until the Winter event rerun happens.

Of course skip everything until Camelot(Read the end of London)

Camelot and babylonia are a must read Imo.

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Try to get as far as you can before Oniland. If you can get to the LBs, there’s a period of time before Oniland where they’re half AP. And the Welfare from Oniland is a good Caster.

There’s absolutely no need to worry. You can, at a casual pace, finish all the singularities upto Halloween, in fact. They are all friend soloable, so just follow Hong on youtube, and borrow a friend servant as is specified(cu alter usually does the job). There’s a half ap event before oniland, make use of it. And feel free to read or skip whatever you wish. You’ll make it way in time to do Xmas 2020, which is LB1 locked.