Finishing Flayn

I was wondering if anybody had any advice on what I could do with my Flayn to finish off her build. What I’m currently running is this:

At the moment, I’m mostly debating between giving her Mystic Boost or the standard Wings of Mercy. But the problem with Wings of Mercy is that she’s already being played close to her allies because of her staff. Mystic Boost, though, would let her duel mages if she really had to without her Push skill making itself immediately useless. Maybe swap her Push to SPD/RES? Or maybe she just can’t utilize a Push skill well at all…

Or maybe my build is just garbage altogether. What do you guys think? Is there anything I should use for her B? Are there any skills I should replace?


Wings of Mercy is a solid B for healers in general, and it can let her warp to a different ally if they’re struggling :feh_eirikathink:
I prefer either supportive skills on my healers, or Wrathful/Dazzling if I want them to have some attacking capabilities with Wrazzle Dazzle. Mystic Boost on Flayn sounds pretty cool, but other units would probably benefit from it more than Flayn, who will be in the backline most of the time.
Close/Distant Guard is great, and the Push works decently. You could try something like Spd/Res Form from Rath if you keep her close to many allies?


Oh no! Don’t Finiah Flayn! :feh_flaynconcern:

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While she does naturally come with Dazzling Staff, it’s not my first choice for her mostly because she’s not going to be doing much initiating. When I have her see combat, she’ll mostly be baiting magical enemies (or Dragons, if I give her Mystic Boost). But giving her Mystic would kind of put her in the same niche as my Mercedes, so that’s also a vote against that. Idunno if I have Rath for that Form skill, but I can check.

Update: No Rath. It was a good suggestion, though.


Flayn ideally won’t be in combat at all, so Mystic Boost is almost completely useless on her, as is the Push.

If you’re pairing her with Brave Edelgard, I’d suggest pushing her visible Res stat as high as you can so she’ll soak Chill Res (I think Edie has too much mixed bulk for Flayn to take Dark Shrines for her, though). So a Fortress skill would be great. Fury would be even better but she can’t run that.

As for B, her base Dazzling Staff is fine for budget, but if you choose to boost her visible Res like I suggested, a Sabotage skill could work too. Unlike Sudden Panic, Sabotages are not movement or weapon restricted.


I wouldn’t call Mystic useless on her. Like I’d said, I’d be using her to bait mages and potentially Dragons, if the need arises, so it would help avoid adaptive damage.

The Sabotage is a good idea, though. I do have an Ewan that I’m never going to use, so that’s a nice Sabotage SPD that’s just sitting there gathering dust. Otherwise it’s Sabotage DEF from Mirabilis (no) or Summer Lilina. Given that El has DEF Smoke, Sabotage SPD would probably be what I went for. That, and debuffing SPD is more universally applicable.

How much tanking is she gonna do with only 36 HP and 27 Spd? Virtually every mage will be doubling her, and many dragons will be, too. Since you’re using B-Edelgard, who is a goddamn tanking juggernaught, I can’t think of a single situation where Flayn would survive a hit that Edelgard couldn’t, especially with the Caduceus support.

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More than once, I’ve had to bait a mage away that would normally kill El (usually a Red Mage or occasionally one with a precharged Special) and have her kill them on the next turn. As for her SPD, it’s running off the same principle as El is. Doesn’t matter if they double if they do no damage.

Plus, those aren’t going to be her stats, long-term. If I account for her staying unmerged, then anything short of Fortress DEF/RES (which I have no fodder for) leaves her with less RES than Edelgard anyways, so she won’t be soaking a chill. With Fortress RES, she’d need to be +7/+5 to tie Edelard’s RES (with a +SPD Roll, which is my intent, though I may ultimately stick with +ATK). +4/+5 to tie for FDR, still +SPD. The only thing keeping their RES tied right now is the fact that I haven’t pulled a +RES B!Edelgard yet, but that will be her ending roll, even if I have to Mango her, and she’s one of my active merge projects at the moment, where Flayn is not. Hence the Push, making up for what she’s missing in terms of merges.

(Also, her supporting Edelgard doesn’t mean she will only ever be exclusively deployed with Edelgard.)

Not really sure why you’re thinking so hard about this; it’s not like Flayn should be seeing any combat and even if she does, she comes with Dazzling Staff anyway and her A can just be like Atk+3 or something


I always think hard about my builds.

Dazzling is all well and good, if she were initiating. As I’ve said, she’d be baiting mages (maybe Dragons) at most, far as combat goes.

I don’t see many situations where she’d be tanking a hit that Edelgard wouldn’t

She’s kinda slow too so she gets doubled very easily

And using expensive fodder for a build that might tank some specific enemy just doesn’t seem worth it at all


While she will be working with Edelgard a lot, she will not be working exclusively with Edelgard. She’ll also be working with my fliers as the exclusive healer as well as my infantry units, situationally.

I could potentially go with Luna’s FDR/Sabotage option, but that relies entirely on whether or not Nowi will be getting a good refine. If no, I can fodder the skill from my Nowi. If yes, then I’ll need new fodder.

With fliers she should especially be running pure support since she can utilize Goad Fliers, Flier Formation, and Flier Guidance

Not sure what other units you’d have her support, but I think the same logic applies regardless of the tank since you’re expecting them to well… tank. So Flayn shouldn’t have to fill that role

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She’ll be supporting anybody she needs to. I could also have her supporting Echidna, who will be mitigation tanking, or perhaps my OG!Edelgard or Soiree!Eldigan who have little to no RES but awesome defense, particularly on offense. True, I go for mixed bulk as much as possible; but it’s not always so.

I slapped Fort Res, Sabotage Speed, Distant Guard and Distant Guard on my Flayn. She supports multiple tanks. The Sabotage was chosen because I had a useless manual, not really because Speed was optimal.


Yeah I agree with Warlock. She does the most work for me with this budget build supporting my peeps in light season. I never built the clown so I hand out distant guard like Oprah handing out car keys at Christmas.


Fishing Flayn

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