Finishing solomon chapter


Just need to finish the last couple of throne battles and im through to CCC event!! Sadly stuck at evasive solomon. Anyone willing to spare some help for the last 4 battles?


A Servant with a CE that either ‘Ignores INvulnerable’ or ‘Apply Sure Hit’ will make evasion a non-issue.


For NA there’s 5 CE that have pierce invincibility

  • Decapitating Bunny (you might not have this as this is KNK event CE)
  • Origin Bullet
  • Pirate Party from Summer event gacha
  • Sweet Crystal from Valentine’s 2019
  • Detective Edmond Travelogue

Servants that have pierce invi skill

Sure hit servants

Technically Ignore invincibility is better than sure hit since it also pierce evade and invincibility skill while sure hit only against evade