Fionn appreciation thread- Long life to lord salmón

So Fionn is geting an animation update and he seems very cool now, so let’s talk about the good (or bad if you want) thing of lord salmón


I would like Fionn more if he were an equal-opportunity lecherous asshat.

Fergus has this vibe down pat: he’ll do the guys and the girls, and he’s much less pretentious.

Fionn, on the other hand, seems to think he’s the Grand Casanova, only talks about women as far as I’ve noticed, and doesn’t have the gameplay prowess to back up his boasting.

You’d think a dude so in love with himself would at least identify as heteroflexible. sigh


One of the weirdly good things about him is the fanart, since most people dislike him, the ones that do make art end up really nice.
I’ve never been spooked by him so I’m neutral towards the guy, but I may get him with the next ticket for Arts memes :feh_lucyshrug:


He’s a passable to strong farmer in the long-term.

I have opinions on the guy but this is a positivity thread so I will give my one (1) positive opinion on him.

Make that two. He does have good fan art, and I am a fan of his comrade-in-arms Diarmuid.

Two positive things.


I don’t know?

Never be spoked by him. Strange right? I would love a aoe looper art lancer, I mean I have Tama and bride!
Anyway, I don’t like his personality. I feel like the only thing he does in the game is make diarmuid look silly.

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He and Benienma showed up last year for me so I can Art meme on JP :D


I can art meme with Fionn without a Tamamo?

Oh. I missed that detail.

My full opinion on him is that he’s so far up his own rear that he’s downright insufferable and he has the only VD scene to so far make me like a character less than I already did, with how fully about himself it was. Add in the fact that he’s not just aggressively courting people but in Mash’s case (but it could be anyone else and I’d be irritated), his EPU self felt outright entitled to her which is another layer of gross to me personally.

He also constantly goes out of his way to put Diarmuid down which bothers me on the same level, just now about a character I actually really like, as Tesla and Edison being reduced to one-note unfunny nonsense. It’s not funny nor was it funny the third or fourth time you made a point of bringing up bad history/someone’s shortcomings and still bloody stick around them.

I don’t even like Fergus very much for personal reasons but at least Fergus doesn’t carry himself as entitled to others or thinking that they are inherently falling over themselves for him. It’d be forgivable for Diarmuid, Love Spot and all! This guy is just a casanova when we don’t actually see others wanting to get into his pants, even Fergus and Diarmuid have hints and winks towards people finding them attractive or whatever.

Also he came to me instead of NP2 Fujinon just recently so he is only kind of forgiven because he has long-term usefulness from a utilitarian perspective but you’re not the bridge-bending friend, jerk. At least Cat is super-friendly if an oddball, and NP2 Iba is an NP level for a monstrous girl I fairly like.

Oh! And while I adore Scathach with all my heart I’m not fond of how he, see above, got turned into something of a joke. I’d like it if he came off as having notable feats beyond word of mouth in-game, I full well like him in mythology just not here. He doesn’t even come off as like, notably powerful and strong. Scathach gave a nod and then some to Fergus, for example! Almost all of the tales of his supposed exploits come from this full of himself ass. Or well, his bio, but come on that’s just standard fare for literally everyone in this game.


I haven’t used him much but he’s worked decently when I did.
Teamwide Np gain boost, taunt, attack down so he has some useful support in Arts teams.
My only problem is that his evade is unreliable and has a long CD.
When his SQ arrives I might raise his skills higher as that solves one of the problems.

As for his personality, it is like @Exa mentioned.
In most of his appearances he is paired with Diarmuid and with not much variance in their routine so I generally treat him just as a rare arts Lancer.

His kit, post-upgrade, is quietly reasonably strong for what it is, and after his S2 SQ then he’s obviously even better. How well his kit meshes just tends to go unremarked upon for… obvious reasons. Bleh.

It is undoubtedly dumb that making it 100% like practically every other evade out there requires a lore. On the other hand, he certainly isn’t the only one Servant to require ironing out some jinxed RNG-skill by taking it all the way to 10 (not to mention most meta-discussions revolve around assuming 10/10/10 anyway).

Personality-wise, I don’t quite follow why overconfidence and a large ego would be seen as such an issue in his case when someone like the good King of Heroes exists - in Fionn’s case, he doesn’t insult everyone around him every time he opens his mouth, at least.

Do note that I don’t despise either of them due to their respective ego, btw - just an observation.


I agree.
Even good kits and gameplay aren’t always enough to counterbalance less attractive traits.

At least it might be fun to loop next year.

Good point.
I guess it is a result of my habit of trying to min-max my non-favourites but I should judge everyone with the same standard…
I don’t complain about Tamamo’s curse and it requires rank 10 and there are others that does not even have that luxury of reaching 0% RNG.
Ishtar and Helena comes to mind.

Perhaps I should have written that it has rather long CD for harder content.

I’m honestly not fond of the normal King of Heroes either.
His Caster self is interesting and likable but the Archer rubs me the wrong way.

The difference could be that Gil has had appearances in other series to give him some more character depth so he doesn’t feel as flat.

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Gilgamesh’s overflowing arrogance is somehow more palatable than Fionn’s pretentiousness.

I feel that they successfully hit on the larger-than-life personality with Gil, while Fionn falls short of diva and lands somewhere close to creepy uncle territory.

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There’s the rub, as someone who isn’t fond of Gil’s personality in e.g. Zero, but at least then I can consider him a compelling villain, someone I like to hate.

If the game outside of him, so-to-speak, talked him up and made it seem like it wasn’t just him running his mouth, I’d be a lot keener on that regard personally. As is, it effectively mostly just ends up with him coming off as a blowhard to me. Doesn’t help that EPU writing still left much to be desired, so my memory of it is mostly
“Hey Mash, you belong to me”
“I’m so cool, I really am just so astoundingly handsome and sexy, don’t you think I am as well, about my sexy self?”
“Hey Diarmuid, remember that time you screwed up?” x100

Gil, for the first part, is ‘sold’ beyond himself, even if he sure does love to run his mouth regardless. But CasGil’s personality is at least more than palatable, and they are one in the same after all. Never mind KoGil.

Like, you will note I don’t hate Ozymandias or Iskandar either, since talk of them goes beyond them talking about how cool they are. Although, they also seem to care about others besides themselves, in their own uniquely egocentric ways, in terms of leading their people and raising people up through their “brilliance” and whatnot. Fionn merely stops at, I am so brilliant, in my eyes. And it’s rather annoying.

Ishtar I wouldn’t consider a 1:1 comparison since it’s just a straight battery rather than e.g. a conditional battery (and what is conditional for it never changes regardless of skilling). Helena though, yeah… but it also never goes from unreliable to wholly reliable, so even that’s a 0.8:1 sort of comparison and she’s fine as is at L1 or L6.

It’s no different from if EMIYA needed his S1 to be maxed to literally work with any sense of reliability, and would be silly there too. If it’s not, well, you’re asking for your DPS to get yeeted, which is inherently nonsensical and dumb design. Nobody else comes with a taunt and an unreliable Evade, that’s the real rub of that skill.

I find Fionn kinda funny,and i don’t really care about diarmuid
And some diáloges from the interlude


Fair point.
I’m having problems coming up with Servants that need to be L10 outside of Lanling and Lakshmibai but their survivability skills aren’t RNG.
Most other RNG skills also doesn’t appear to scale though Eresh is an exception.
Gah. Can’t remember but isn’t there someone that has a Cleanse resist that scales?

I agree.
Even if the two effects are tied to one skill I feel that the CD more than made up for it.
12-10 turns compared to the normal 8-6.

…Your comment also made me thing of Hajime no Ippo.

At least Lanling and Lakshmibai, though you naturally want 10/10/10, I’ve seen their skills be useful outside of bringing in the RNG ironing so to speak. And for them it feels more akin to the balancing act with Ozy’s IP being 5T and Ra being 6T, anyway? It makes sense.

Beni and Melt Lancer have 1T Buff Removal Resists that scale 50-100%. Those are the cherries on top, IMO, to already functional and worthwhile skills in Charisma/10 gauge/1K Heal, and 1T invul + Waterside, respectively. If they were purely Buff Removal I’d find it more agreeable in terms of being dumb.

Maou has scaling BRR, although it’s tacked onto something that’s already fine as is in the form of an invul. Ditto Santagale with NP Up, Liangyu… oh right, Medea (Lily) got it for her skill buff around Anni. Also various others.

You thinking of Consort Yu? 1K HP/5T, 50-100% BRR. Worse, it’s… kind of integral to her kit in the first place, given her potential to remove all of her buffs and all.

Although: I also think Helena’s RNG-reliance is low-key silly anyway just to put that out there, even as a balancing act, given what she has going on altogether (which IMO is not that much even if I also consider her worthwhile).

Edit: Ignoring and giving no comment one way or the other on the knight’s Interlude until I play it myself, as a negative or positive pre-judgment would be silly.

Once again I provide poor examples from a min-max perspective.
The Ozy comparsion was fitting.

I was thinking about Beni.
Thank you.
Still it is as you say that they have enough effects tied to their skills that it is only a rarely needed bonus.

Hmm. She is a better example than mine.
She needs her second skill maxed to counter her own NP’s sideffects.

Now that I think about it that is true.
20% gauge, 20% card buff and 5 stars for 5 turns when the RNG fails…

The great Statue for instance can match those effects with a single skill that has a lower cooldown.