Fionn + Hozoin?

So he spooked me few days ago. I’ve just realized his 1st skill upgrade give 50% star gen + 30% np gen to party. That’s rare combination for support I guess (I don’t have Umu Bride too).
While CasGil is better art crit support, I think Fion could work for quick servant like Hozoin who depend on NP gain and crit gen.
I know double Skadi probably works better for Hozoin, but I need to consider alternative setup if I failed to get her (I don’t think I have enough sq to get her).
Is Fionn can improve Hozoin? Also aside Hozoin, can he works with other as support?

Fionn offers no support outside of that teamwide star gen and NP gen. Thus, he is not suited to be used purely for support. Generally, when you see a single supportive skill on a servant who is otherwise a selfish DPS, you need to consider it only as a nice bonus for teams with 2-3 DPS instead of a single DPS+2 full supports. For instance, Fionn + CasGil + insert arts crit DPS here is a pretty cool combination, as Fionn benefits massively from what CasGil offers (ATK up + Arts up + Stargen up to stack with his own star gen buff; suddenly your Arts cards make stars like Quicks and the resulting crits allow you to spam your NP), and both of them combined can augment a secondary Arts DPS to crit and NP spam themselves when you don’t have Fionn’s cards in the current turn’s hand. Possible fits here include Lancelot, Ryouma, Hokusai, Li Shuwen (bonus points for being a Lancer - they’d demolish waves of Archers together and Li would crit down the eventual boss with his massive burst damage). If your only intention for Fionn is to use his S2, you are wasting a team slot that most pure supports would fill better. Thus this is something you’d do against Archers and Berserkers only, where Fionn can provide meaningful DPS on top of his S2 to justify his spot on the team.

Of course, you can also ignore all that and just use Fionn like you would use any AoE servant with a battery (he gets an upgrade soon-ish that adds a 30% battery to his S2). Nuke enemy wave with NP and done. He can also NP loop, but his setups are not very stable and rely heavily on overkill unlike the more traditional and commonly used Arts loopers, so high NP levels are kinda required for this purpose and it will only work in specific quests against the right enemies.

For hozoin specifically, he’s a bit of a weirdo in that you really wanna pull off constant Brave chains with him - that way, he’ll generate as many stars and as much NP as he needs to be a self-sufficient crit monster with constant evades. Because of this, he actually works best as a solo servant; not even Skadi can make him shine like he does when he is by himself, without cards from other servants diluting your deck. Fionn especially brings more harm than good to Inshun, as he provides much less support than true supports while diluting the deck just as much, plus Hozoin has no trouble generating both stars and NP gauge anyway - provided he’s alone.

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sorry what I mean is you can make semi-solo setup with plugsuit. Sometimes in CQ, the enemy has ridiculous aoe attack/NP that can wipe out entire party. Usually what I think we can buff hozoin with double skadi, change him with other servant, and let enemy killed them so Hozoin can solo with buff stack. I think we can add one more support variation with Chen Gong in future.

Also more NP gen and crit gen exactly help him to NP loop more easily.

sorry for late reply

That would actually work, yes, but it requires that no servant dies before the AoE wipe.

Everythign else I said still applies tho. The additional NP gen and star gen do little for Hozoin, as he is already self-sufficient in that regard, and other supports simply provide a lot more value for him. If you want to supply him with some buffs using supports and letting them get wiped, damage and Quick up buffs would be more beneficial.