Fionn vs Valkyrie SR Ticket?

Disclaimer: I am asking about this at least in part to help me figure out what to get with the free SR ticket later this year.

Short version: I already have Valkyrie (9/7/10 NP1) and Fionn (9/9/9 NP1). I am trying to figure out which, if either, I should try to NP2 for 3 Turn Looping comps. Thus would appreciate other peoples thoughts on this.

Long version: I’ve pretty much had good luck with getting Arts based Servants, and for the longest time have been putting my resources into leveling the Arts based servants I’ve gotten and their skills. I’ve been planning on maxing out Fionn’s skills ever since I found out that he can loop. I am also planning on going after Castoria when she drops, and have even started to focus even more on the Servants that can 3 turn with her as Servants to get and/or max out.

But when Skadi dropped I got caught up in the hype, dropped a couple of tickets on her, and got her. Then I got a Valkyrie spook when rolling for Jarcher (making Valkyrie the only DSS compatible Servant that I own). On top of that I know that my life is going to be as hectic as hell over the last few days of the Christmas event this year, thus having a reliable 3 turn comp that I can use with Fate Grand Autmoata will be a huge boon there (thus in turn it makes Double Skadi with Valkyrie look even more tempting since the best Lotto node appears to be an Archer node).

And in case it matters, yes I have a max leveled Tamamo, Waver, and Skadi, thus they can be used in plug suit comps if need be for 3 turning.

Thus my question: Should I use the free SR ticket to NP2 Valkyrie, or NP2 Fionn, or can I get away with NP1 of them and go after a new Servant instead?

Fionn is already serviceable, but he’s not going to be that great until Castoria hits, of course, so that’s quite a wait to make him a Servant you might use regularly.

Valkyrie is in the opposite situation of being a good pick right now, but falling off when we get Castoria.

NP1 is noodle damage for almost everyone, so either of those could benefit from a bump to NP2. If you plan to run Fionn with a Black Grail, NP level can be somewhat compensated for; running Valkyrie with BG is obviously impractical in a farming context.

Also worth considering is whether or not you’re excited about any Servants you might not yet own, especially if they function well without NP levels (e.g. Chiron, who is mostly used as a card and crit support rather than as an ST attacker).


If you want to achieve 3T looping immediately, go for Valkyrie. The so called Castoria-system will obsolete Skadi-system for farming on litteraly every aspect (cost, efficiency, flexibility, consistence and dps pool) but for NA players she still 2 years away, and until then Fionn won’t do anything impressive for farming compared Valkyrie.


It should also be noted that, even when Castoria releases, DSS will still work, so if you have a reliable DSS farming setup, you don’t need to feel pressured to replace it immediately. But then, mUSAshi is the best servant anyway, so you’re inevitably going to roll for her, and she is perfect for DCS. In short, if you can farm with what you have, just pick a new waifu.


I’m not a big fan of Fionn, so take this with a grain of salt - but I’m quite sure he doesn’t hold a candle to Parvati and Valkyrie until Castoria arrives, considering you got your own Skadi as well as Waver. Waiting 2 years for Fionn’s upgrade to actually notably impact his performance due to Castoria would imho be a waste since you can run DSS comps right now.

The more interesting question imo is whether you should go for a new servant or NP2 Valkyrie. While I’d always encourage a new servant to add to the roster, I’m kinda in a similar situation (Parvati instead of Valkyrie) and decided that the key to answer this question lies in determining your performance at the christmas event for the given options. I think @Syd123 started looking up comps for christmas to prepare his servants, so he might be able to help here.

Otherwise I strongly recommend looking up possible team comps for the christmas event and see if NP1 Valkyrie does the job for you. If not (and if NP2 Valkyrie would get it done instead), I advise picking her. If she works fine, then you’re free to choose a new servant.

Well, Fionn for been part of the DCS is more versátil because he just need a black grail and not a MLB kscoup like the DSS, Fionn is a useful servant even without looping (of course he isn’t the best choice most of the time, but is useful)
But choose the one that you like more

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From experience Parvati is the better NP looper, because her 1st skill gives her overall more NP refund. Also her NP itself refunds the whole team a bit of NP charge.

But if you already have Valkryie, than I think NP2 is an amazing upgrade and will help with triggering overkill more consistently. I don’t know if you’re interested in other servants as well but if you want to run DSS, than Valkryie is a good pick.


Hi OP,

@Xemonde brought this to my attention for Xmas 2020 computations. I’ve tried simulating the performance of NP1/2 Fionn and NP1/2 Valkyrie vs the most efficient Xmas node coming out at the latter part of the event: The 7th Intensive Training Node. Luckily enough, the whole node is full of Archers so your Lancers can be very useful in farming this node.

Simulation Source:

Caveat on how the damage was computed:

For both:

  • Lvl 80 and 1,000 Atk Fou
  • CE level 20 Kaleidoscope (additional 786 Atk)
  • MC is Plugsuit level 10 with Attack Up applied to Wave 3
  • 10/10/10 Skill level for all supports

For Valk:

  • Party Setup: Valk + Skadi + Waver <-> Skadi
  • Wave 1: Skadi 1 Quick Up + Waver Atk & Def + Valk Quick Up & NP charge
  • Wave 2: Skadi 1 Battery + Waver Crit Up <-> Skadi 2 Quick Up
  • Wave 3: Skadi 2 Battery + Skadi 1 & 2 Def Down + Plugsuit Attack Up

For Fionn (Cannot NP 3x, Need Wave 1 Arash)

  • Party Setup: Arash + Fionn + Waver + Tamamo <-> Waver
  • Wave 1: Arash NP
  • Wave 2: Fionn Np Gain + Waver 1 Atk & Def Up + Tamamo Arts Up (NP Refund 31-37%)
  • Wave 3: Fionn Arts Up + Waver 1 Crit Up + Tamamo <-> Waver 2 All skills + Plugsuit Attack Up


Key Findings:

  • Valk’s NP damage between NP1 and 2 has a difference of 30k at neutral, but becomes 40k when double Skadi def down is applied.
  • Valk at NP1 will need to facecard the remaining 59k on Moriarty, but at NP2 only needs around 18k.
  • Fionn struggles to refund his NP sufficiently to 50% even with Double Waver + Tamamo at either NP level. He really needs Castoria’s buffs to refund sufficiently. His NP battery will be coming in January so that will help mitigate some of the NP refund issues but for now, he can only do NP back to back for 2 waves even with Double Waver + Tamamo + Kaleidoscope. Suggestion would be to use Arash for Wave 1 clear.
  • Without Castoria + Black Grail, Fionn’s NP2 damage is similar to Valk’s NP1 damage so I wouldn’t recommend getting NP2 Fionn until you have Castoria.

Conclusion: Valk NP2 is definitely the better candidate. Valk at NP1 is serviceable but struggles to hit certain damage numbers.

Hope this helps!


Im interested in what you’re saying. This the best farming node for lotto ticket you’re talking about ?

Yes, it’s the best farming node for Lotto tickets during Christmas. But it’s timegated until the last few days.


Nice thanks, then, I’ll raise my Valkyrie just for this !

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Another question : What are the other best node before this one ?

The 6th Intensive Training one most probably. It’s all casters and drops Heart of the Foreign God :star_struck:


That is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

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My lvl 100 NP2 Parvati is going to get quite the workout…