Fiora might be more screwed than Heath (edit: made several mistakes)

Yeah, another Lance GHB… not a good look.
But I think if if they give Heath some speed to work with and not too much res/hp he has potential. Maybe.

But Fiora had it harder I’d say. It’s not gonna be hard to snatch Heath, Fiora though is premium.
And in the trailer she hits 20 with iceberg.
So 40-3 from fury = 37 res.
And 38 hp in the trailer

Unless we have a sudden bst jump, Sigrun has the same bst.
Sigrun has at least 3 more points spread over her atk/spd/def

So Fiora is either a rarer Sigrun or she dumps def super low.
Neither of which makes her all that worthwhile.
Fiora isn’t gonna be terrible, just very much not worth it

For Heath I’m betting 44/34/34/36/19
For Fiora I think 38/33/38/21/37

Edit 2: I made a mistake. The B skill needs the user to be slower than the foe not faster.
Which makes all the difference for Fiora’s statline.
Might not mean she’s ‘saved’ but Fiora might be more unique that I thought

Edit 3: I made several mistakes.
So. The deal.
Unit’s can have up to 7 less speed than the foe for the effect to activate.
meaning it’s probably useful for mid tier speed units.
SO Fiora might have mid-low 30ies speed accually.
So… About this: 38/35/32/25/37 which doesn’t really save her but it’s less sure for now.


As a lance flier who isn’t demoting she was screwed from the beginning tbh


As a lance flier without prf that’s not demoting.

Heath has the hope of merges
Fiora doesn’t.

Sha has fury 3 , did you count that on iceberg damage?

He did

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Oops my bad , time to rest.

Lance fliers are one of the very oversaturated pairings because Lance’s are the only weapon for beginner fliers :thinking:
Which leaves a whole bunch of them to be outclassed sadly :catroll:

Hmmm there’s a notification saying the skill description in the trailer is wrong, apparently her spd stat has to be higher than foe’s spd-7

This makes me think she’ll have a mediocre spd stat probably like Mercedes, high enough to not give up on it yet so low it’s not really worth to invest in it :feh_tooobin:


I still think she’ll be pretty quick since speed creep be crazy these days. I’d put her at 37 min

If I get her though, I’ll be foddering her to Caeda. She seems like the skill’s best user. Question is do I want to change to a res boon or leave her as +atk


I think Fiora was meant more as a fodder unit anyway, since at the very least she has two valuable skills that Heath and Sigrun don’t have.

Sure, she may not be worth investing into, but you’re gonna be glad to pull her anyway because of her fodder potential. Kinda like NY!Hrid with Geishun and Hone Spd 4.


Why is everyone so in love with that sword?


To be perfectly honest, I’m still trying to figure that out. XD

It’s obviously an incredible support sword and has Chill Atk at base, but I’m starting to wonder if refined Armorsmasher does a better job…


You can’t compare a support weapon to a weapon designed to nuke armors

True. I’m just figuring out whether or not I should put Hone Atk 4 and Geishun on my merged Sylvia. XD

Honestly most 5* units with no PRF are screwed tbh. Aa much as I like the FE7 Pegasus sisters I’ll prob skip this banner and just stick with her summer version (Ik they don’t have the same weapon type, just talking about Fiora in general)

It’s Hone Atk 4

And it’s not a bad choice at all, I’d recommend it

I might go for it then, honestly. The only thing stopping me is that my NY!Hrid’s have a +Def and +Res boon, so I don’t know if I should keep them to build or not.

I’d go with Geishun so you can stack it with other Chill skills on B slot and/or the seal.


Because it’s a good support weapon that can make sword units supporters. The sword was popular back when bonus units had to get every kill, but now that Arena changed the need for that sword has diminished to being an arguably bad weapon.


Res Refined Geishun and Chill Res on Siliva with Def Ploy and Spd Ploy seal :feh_annawink: