Fire Emblem Choose Your Legends 5 CYL 5 Pre Picks

Ok just like Last year im making this super early now that I got my edelgard its time to take CYL seriously again

Alfonse: MC of the game he needs this he may not be a great guy and gets over looked but he’s way better than that dude from warriors lol. Let him prove he can be something great

Lif: I’m getting alfonse one way or another even if its gotta be a transparent blue version think old gba

Robin: hes technically the player and hes got potential why wouldn’t you want urself in the game? We can’t have Kiran

Chrom: Just one more to complete the trilogy lol

Sharena: Same reasons as Alfonse

Thrasir: Same reasons as Lif


I’m putting all my votes on Chrom.

4th place here we come.


Voting for Myrrh until she eventually wins one or the game dies.


Lol, I’d like him to come in first his legendary version has been keeping me alive for the past few months so even second place would be great without FE3H hes got a good shot

Could you spare a vote for thrasir :eyes:

After Myrrh’s won, sure



:joy:, where did she place in cyl 4 :thinking: cuz her current versions are really strong

Marth didn’t make your list? Smh…


I’m probably gonna vote for Marth, he deserves it
or vote for only 3H characters to make people salty


I feel nothing for him :sweat_smile: I started with birthright in 2018 after playing feh first then played three houses played nothing else


the 3h arts had so much potential they should’ve voted pre timeskip


I think she made top 50 if I’m remembering right, though I could’ve sworn I read that Thrasir placed higher than her in this past one (unless I’m tripping).

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I’ll have to check but thrasir has been low 20s high 30s from what I remember but your pick isn’t that far off, lets split between Myrrh and thrasir :grin:

Any askr or embla unit would be nice :sweat_smile:

You were 84 and thrasir was 113 :cry:

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Would prefer another house leaders + lysithea sweep out of curiosity to see if they’d give them the same weapons again and to witness the ensuing rage if they do.

Really a win-win.



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only if pre timeskip edelgard can be first place i only voted for pre time skip edelgard lol

we’ll get em this year

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Voting for Fates Anna, though I would want the Anna crew to band together for Archanean Anna so we can get her with a Ballistae.