Fire Emblem Engage: Official Thread

Ivy is voiced by JP VA, Yoko Hikasa.
She also voiced Kal’tsit in the mobile game Arknights.


I only just met amber but if anything bad happens to him blood will flow like my hype for the game (I am very excited for it)


I’m probably going to get a digital pre-order for the game itself and it’s DLC

Then I will avidly avoid leaks once they start and wait anxiously until the 20th

I’ll download it. Can’t be worse than fates


I hope

I like the new thief and the ponytail fixes Pepsi Chan for me.

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I like Kagetsu… my gender bent Oboro

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So the Emblems we know of are as follows

Marth: Emblem of Beginnings
Celica: Emblem of Echoes
Sigurd: Emblem of the Holy War
Lief: Emblem of Genealogy
Lyndis: Emblem of Blazing
Roy: Emblem of Binding
Ephraim and Eirika: Emblems of the Sacred
Ike: Emblem of Radiance
Micaiah: Emblem of Dawn
Lucina: Emblem of the Awakening/Emblem of Awakenings
Corrin (F): Emblem of Fates
Byleth (M): Emblem of the Academy

DLC (So Far)

Dimitri, Edelgard and Claude: Emblems of the Three
Tiki (Y): Emblem of Mystery


here to say i vibe with hortensia’s gremlin energy enough to ironically like her design


The fact that Eliwood and Hector will probably be DLC put me in a state of sudden rage.

Won’t say anything about the reasons why IS choose Lyn over them by respect for her fans ( first main protagonist we meet which is a valid reasons… And others thing, also PLEASE stop giving her Mulargir as her main weapon, Mani Katti exists for the love of god)

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She has Mulagir and Mani Katti

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So I’ve looked at the Japanese website and my god, Byleth has one of if not the coolest ring in the game

Appearance wise not utility

Also Diamant

He looks awesome and I’d be shook if he didn’t bring Emblem Ike with him

I haven’t heard anything that stated that this was going to be a spinoff. It was always supposed to be the new mainline game

… beacuse it’s part of the 30th anniversary. so it’s celebrating the history of the other titles before it?

most main titles from Nintendo now have a 4 wave DLC path (or 2 major chunks, like BoTW). having it announced now that they are working on a new side story. I mean BotW2 was supposed to be another wave of DLC but they just had so many ideas they decided to make it into game on its own.

i am very curious but what does “Fire Emblem” universe characters are supposed to look like? like. i mean. i mean art style is always subjective, so if you don’t like it, you don’t like it and that’s fine. but i’ve seen stated with 3H as well. Every game has their own art style to it… this one is bright and vibrant (but also to be fair i don’t know what “VTuber looks” are so there’s also that.

Honestly. for me. i am just gong to go into the game with a very open mind. I thought i would’t like 3H because they spun it basically like Hogwarts. and I figured well why would I want to do that. 600++ hrs later, and most of the cast are my favourites. I clearly enjoy the game. The Art style here is different. but i mean - again i remember people complaining loudly over how meh most of the students looked in 3H.

as for the story. i mean we won’t know until we play it. I figure 3H’s story was really strong (in most parts, would have been stronger if they didn’t have 4 routes), so as this one has only one i do expect it to be very solid.


Engage was considered for a spin-off in early development but they realized that they’d make more money of a mainline game so they made it mainline, but when the pandemic hit they were forced to delay the game and ultimately used that extra time to patch things up and make a better looking game overall

If you look at the old Leaks that were real as it turns out and compare it to the build we see in trailers they put that extra time to good use to make a more spectacular game because I’m the leaked images the game looks like a low-res Three Houses with unnecessarily extravagant character designs


A spinoff to what exactly?

As IntSys has done three spinoffs before, with Warriors + Hopes + TMS, I’m pretty sure they wouldknow they would make more money as a mainline game. like i said i’ve just never heard anything specifically that it was going to be converted, and i just feel using the leak pictures that could have been grabbed in early development isn’t really a strong enough case. (but i mean not a hill i’d die on either. it just doesn’t make sense to me either).

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I don’t honestly know what it was a a spin-off of but the whole spin-off concept didn’t really make it anywhere close to storyboarding from what I’ve seen

Regardless I’m really liking the art direction, it’s really grown on me and as long as the story is halfway decent it might be in the upper echelon of FE games

Ah, I understand :slight_smile:

honestly, i am very excited about it. Especially because Gust is behind the design and they do the Atelier games and they are always very well done performance wise as well. I just like how it feels like we’re in a different world and they look it.


Jade is hot



Amber is very Handsome

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Hortensia’s cute but her voice reminds me of Harley Quinn

Not that that’s a bad thing it’s just that it’s fitting, but grating all the same

Citrine is my favorite mage so far

So cute

Alright, I’m sold.


SAME!!! I also buy the dlc pack. I want that 3H Lords Emblem