Fire Emblem Engage PSA

Just a heads-up to anybody out there playing Engage and changing the internal clock to scum out more Skirmishes.

I have no idea what I did, how I did it, or how to fix it; but somehow I seem to have borked the game’s clock to the point that Skirmishes no longer spawn on their own. They don’t even spawn if I make minor changes to my Switch’s clock. I have to manually set my clock three years ahead before Skirmishes start spawning again.

It’s nothing super game-breaking - it’s not even super critical - but it’s annoying as all Hell. From what I understand, it doesn’t even really affect Maddening (apparently, Skirmishes don’t spawn on Maddening at all); but I’m just putting this out there for anybody time-scumming. Time-scum carefully.

I found the same thing on Reddit, but no solutions the last time I checked.


Everybody says this but I’m playing on maddening and I’ve had some skirmishes appear. To be fair a pop up appeared saying that they were available since chapter 11 onwards and so far only 3 have spawn since I started playing and I’m currently on chapter 23 so yeah, few of them, but they do spawn



No idea what happened, but my game unborked itself today. Shit just started spawning normally and I didn’t do a thing.

I think I heard about an update 1.1, so maybe that knocked whatever was askew back into place.

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