Fire Emblem Heroes - New Heroes (Princess of Bern)

Melady seems weak honestly

Dieck seems strong but he still dies to a Catherine with Ninja Katana+

Merlinus is a waste of space IMO no good fodder and probably sucky stats too, Dagger cavs are always shafted BST wise

Guinevere is Ridiculously strong looking and saves the banner, she seems to have no weakness but her Defense will probably be the pits

Galle I haven’t seen any of but I need a blue build and he seems like a good pick

All in all 9/10 because Dieck and Guinevere have great base kits and Melady has a stronk lance and a nice B-Slot to boot

This is also the second banner in a row (that isn’t 3H) to feature a Blue Tome infantry unit and a 5* locked Lance flier with juicy fodder sharing colors