Fire Emblem Leads (Free 5*)

Weird to see that no one created a thread about this. Anyways (Stolen from Reddit from PM1)

I feel like rolling the dice and going for red, a 1/19 (5%) chance to get Female Byleth and merging her to +7. Probably going to pull for red, lifes a gamble anyways.

Green seems the best choice as Julia and Deirdre are quite great units, and Hector obviously has DC. Plus, you could get a merge on Deirdre with those Heroic Paper things, no clue what they are called.

Blue is also a gamble, there’s Tsubasa, then some great units such as Micaiah, etc and then there’s units like Robin and F Corrin lol.

Colourless Lmao.

Colour wise: Green>Red/Blue>Colourless
Which Colour are you going to pull?


Yee yee inb4 all colorless circle :feh_ashedab:
But green if possible


Green blue and then red, like almost everyones


So the only notable skills are DC (which I have plenty) and Reds… Honestly no clue what color Id go for… Probably Blue or Red since they have units I don’t have at all.

Going all in on red baby


I want to go red and get Byleth or Luciana but it’s a gamble :( imma probably go green.

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Probably green for me, lacking DC fodder for some more recent projects. Hopefully I’ll get it.

Green is aight
I kinda want to try blue though to see if Ephraim will finally show up
If not I’ll just yeet and hit red

Green is obviously the color you should pick if it shows up

Second would be blue, then red

Colorless lol


Just noticed that Dimitri Edelgard and Claude aren’t in this lmao…

IS, you’re trippin


Your right…

Blue > Green > Red

I want Tsubasa or Micaiah/Ephraim/Azura (merge). If I get Ninian, Corrin or Robin I’ll be very sad

If I don’t get blue orbs then green, but I only want Hector. I already have Deirdre and Julia and I don’t use them

If I don’t get blue or green orbs I’ll try with red. Whatever is fine except the 3/4☆ units, Leif, Alm and Lyn. I’d love to get Celica, Sigurd or Ike

If I get only colorless orbs I’ll just delete the game :feh_elisad:


I’ll go red on my part.

and I’ll laugh my ass off if I actually get Leif. :feh_bklul:

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For me it would probably be blue then green then red then colorless. I would try red if half weren’t 3 and 4 stars. Blue for Tsubasa. Green for DC or Mages.

Wait why the hecc is Lilina on this

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And while I’m here


Green if I’m lucky enough to have one, I’d love to get a Julia or Deirdre merge and at worst I get DC

Otherwise red, I have all of them but I’d like to get an Alm merge (mine is -atk so it would be great), Sigurd (can go to +3, +4 with the codes), Leif (to +4, +5 with the codes), Celica (to +1) and both Byleth for fodder.
So 6/19 chances for me in total

And for blue I’d like only a Micaiah merge so I’m not getting it

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I mean I guess she must have been important enough in Binding? Idk never played it.

Green is definitely the safest bet
It’s the only one with total 5 star units


I mean does anyone really want Lyn though for red swords?