Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes Release Speculations


So, I had too much time to think and the wyrmprint changes reminded me of the collab coming sometime. The Dragalia Digest never gave us a date, but I think it will be soon, the 26th with the wyrmprint changes. I was also thinking about what heroes would come to DL from FEH. I was mostly thinking Alphone, Shareena, and Anna, but they would seem to share the same colors and weapons as Euden, Eli, and Ranzal, so I hope they do something funky there. What do y’all think, cause I’ve spent too much time thinking about ways to change FEH’s protags to not be the same combination as DL, so like Alph could be a light sword, Shareena could be a…wind lance or staff? And anna would get no alt to keep up with FEH, even if a shadow blind res axe would be cool.

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They released a date for the crossover event. It’ll be the 26th coming along with the wyrmprint changes. Essentially the 26th is just going to be a massive day for Dragalia.

Personally I haven’t played FEH but I’m a big FE fan but I feel that the banner will be mainly cast that is FEH specific. From what a friend told me theirs a main Askr trio and prince/princesses from varying elemental kingdoms so I foresee those mains potentially. Personally I’m a big Ike and Lyndis fan so I’d love to see them though it likely won’t happen. I’d like to see a dragon Corrin or Tiki as well.


If they’re indeed FEH OCs I hope it’s not Alphonse and Sharena, but I think it’s really likely. I’d much rather see Fjorm or Veronica just to mix it up a bit but the Askr siblings or even trio with Anna are the face of FEH so it would make sense to pick them. Getting Feh the Owl as a dragon would be pretty funny.


There is the theory that one or two of the feh characters that have been removed from the summoning pool are going to reappear in the “Lost Heroes” event, however, I would assume that it would only extend to a dragon in that pool alongside the og three, namely young Tiki, the only dragon removed. Of course, they very well could be given the Gala treatment with the dual affliction resist or something else equally absurd, or Kiran can show up as a bow user with unique RNG animations for summoning random heroes to strike enemies.


In one of the images Cygames showed us, you can see Fjorm.


Nice find! Knowing her, I’m sure she’ll be our off-element adventurer from summons (Alfonse is confirmed to be Light, and knowing Fjorm’s ice affinity, she’ll be a Water element).